Invar offers a world of possibilities in advanced automation at IMHX 2022


Invar Group, a leading independent software developer and integrator of advanced warehouse automation, will be showcasing its intelligent WMS software, world-class robotic order picking solutions, and the latest technology in warehouse automation at the UK’s IMHX 2022 show – 6th to 8th September 2022, NEC Birmingham (Stand: 5AM26).

Visitors looking to transform operational performance in the warehouse will be able to explore the full range of technologies and options available to them – without fear of being limited to choices from a single manufacturer. As an independent integrator of warehouse technologies Invar Group is able to offer an unbiased approach to finding the optimum solution. And as Invar has the in-house expertise to provide clients with the software, integration and controls elements of a project, the business can efficiently bring together best-of-breed technologies in a seamless solution.

Craig Whitehouse, Managing Director of Invar Group, says: “We are witnessing a technological revolution in the warehouse – AI and robotics is transforming operational performance, particularly around dense storage, order assembly and packing. High CapEx automation, where conveyors and shuttles are bolted to the floor is no longer seen as flexible enough for the fast-changing world of ecommerce and logistics. Agile systems such as AMRs combined with intelligent software and pick-to-light technology can boost order picking performance from under 100 units per hour using traditional methods, to up to 600 picks per hour. As independent integrators we are free to specify and supply the most appropriate and cost-effective technology for the task – and attending IMHX 2022 presents us with a fantastic opportunity to engage with businesses, to explore what’s possible.”

Invar Group, headquartered in Cranfield UK, is focused on delivering complete turnkey warehouse automation solutions using advanced technologies such as industrial robotics, AMR goods-to-person solutions, pick-to-light technology, sortation systems, as well as conventional warehouse automation. The Group comprises: Invar Systems, a developer of warehouse control and management systems; Invar Integration, a front runner in solutions design, hardware integration and project management; and Invar Controls, specialists in the design, implementation and maintenance of PLC software and hardware.

The company has recently launched a new website to help guide businesses through the complexities associated with warehouse upgrades and digitalization projects, highlighting potential areas where advanced technologies can transform operational performance within the fulfillment or distribution centre. The new format brings together valuable independent insights and technical information on the latest innovative technologies available to the market.

Invar Group has supplied systems to many of the world’s leading brands, such as: SuperDry, Games Workshop, Bentley, Coca Cola, and Nike.

Discover what’s possible by visiting Invar Group on Stand 5AM26.

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