Investment grants help Eluceda revolutionise fight against counterfeit goods


Recent investment grants from Innovate UK and Made Smarter are supporting the growth of detection technology business Eluceda in 2021, as it develops its range of innovative product forensic fingerprint solutions.

Eluceda’s patented E-Sens™ technology can detect small molecules, DNA or pathogens in a wide range of specialist applications ranging from identifying counterfeit consumer goods to discovering bacteria found in healthcare facilities.

The grants from two of the UK’s leading industry funding organisations supporting innovative companies will assist the continued development of E-Sens™ in the coming year. Work will focus on areas such as enhanced analytics and machine learning to generate insight from test data and help clients to identify targets quickly and effectively, without having to send them to laboratories for detailed analysis.

Matthew Harte, CEO of Eluceda said, “We are proud to be awarded grants from both Innovate UK and Made Smarter as they reflect great confidence in Eluceda and our ability to deliver innovative forensic fingerprinting techniques across a range of industries.

“The investments will enable us to significantly speed up our development process and this will have a transformational impact on the business, increasing revenues, accelerating growth, creating jobs and opening up new markets.”

Launched in 2017, Eluceda, based in Burnley, aims to revolutionise the portable counterfeit detection market with its suite of on-product and in-product authentication solutions.

The business is currently working with a number of partners to roll out E-Sens™ and sees almost limitless potential in the technology.

“By making testing portable, affordable and quick, the applications and opportunities are endless,” Harte concluded.