It’s more important than ever to take online security more seriously


Passwords – while designed to give you access to online worlds while protecting your information – are often at the forefront of cyberattacks. And while time and again we find that consumers and businesses are not taking the appropriate steps to safeguard their passwords, it is more important than ever for everyone to take their online security more seriously.

World Password Day is an important moment to take stock of your online habits and ensure you take the necessary steps to keep your online information safe – especially passwords, which are your first line of defence. This comes clearly into focus with new data from our research team, which found consumers average nearly 18 passwords for their online accounts, with nearly three quarters of consumers noting they’ve reset their password at least once in a month because they forgot them.

Given the frustrations that can often accompany keeping track of unique passwords for our ever-expanding digital lives, we also found that only half of respondents are confident in their passwords protecting them from a breach. Leveraging a password manager alleviates many of the pain points that accompany password hygiene while managing your logins for you – so you can get back to focusing on things that matter.