Jabra & HP collaborate on one-stop solution for meeting room needs in the ‘new normal’


Jabra today announces an end-customer bundle offering top-quality video and audio solutions for meeting room needs in the ‘new normal’ in collaboration with HP. The bundle features the world’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution Jabra PanaCast and HP Elite Slice, the integrated conferencing solution that combines one-touch controls for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms with the capability of a powerful PC.

Modern day meeting room set-ups will be a breeze as the Jabra x HP Elite Slice bundle brings together the best-in-class of meeting room technology, so you don’t have to fiddle with multiple hardware and software components for your collaboration needs.


Supporting modern day meeting needs

The bundle promises a huge step up for users, delivering the perfect solution for today’s unique meeting room needs. Users can now enjoy on-demand calling, panoramic views, and flexible accessibility that allows you to easily add attendees and share content with just one touch on the Center of Room Control.

The Jabra PanaCast’s 180° field of view allows for social distancing in meeting rooms so you no longer have to worry about huddling closely in confined spaces. The PanaCast’s Intelligent Zoom feature includes everyone in the conversation, zooming in automatically whenever meeting participants are present, without you having to adjust the position of the camera or yourself.

The HP Elite Slice takes it up a notch as a stylish centrepiece for modern conference rooms. The Center of Room Control console packs a punch with the capabilities of a powerful desktop processor in a small palm-sized device. Tying it all together through one-touch controls for Microsoft Teams rooms and Zoom Rooms, the bundle truly brings together a superb bundle for both virtual and physical collaboration.


Stress-free set-up

Video conferencing solution installation and maintenance can be an extensive and arduous task for IT teams. The time and effort spent in ensuring a manageable, premium video conferencing solution can hinder many IT teams from overhauling older legacy systems for modern solutions. Having one management system that can easily control, access and maintain the entire meeting-room set up is important for today’s businesses.

The Jabra x HP Elite Slice bundle was created with this in mind, to allow for easy set-up in a matter of seconds and fuss-free maintenance for both IT teams and users alike. The hardware solution boasts a singular console that ensures easy deployment, set-up and management. Thanks to the plug-and-play ease of the bundle, users will no longer find themselves needing to raise tickets to figure out how to use the meeting room set up while IT teams will find that adopting a singular management system reduces the need for training – an overall win for business operations and productivity.

The Jabra x HP Elite Slice bundle is certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms, offering a consistent user experience across rooms and working seamlessly with existing conferencing solutions. Furthermore, IT teams can now easily manage the equipment and update systems remotely without having to be physically present in the room, eliminating the stress of needing to have multiple people in the room while social distancing.

Aurangzeb Khan, SVP of Intelligent Vision Systems at Jabra added: “The launch of the Jabra x HP Elite Slice bundle comes at an exciting time for businesses worldwide as they are optimising workspaces to the new normal of hybrid work and provisioning safe and productive environments. We are thrilled to be working with HP to offer users a no-compromise, one-stop solution to meeting room set-ups. We are certain that the top-of-the-class products that make this bundle will help businesses take their conferencing and collaboration capabilities to new heights.”

“Businesses are constantly looking for ways to simplify the video conference experience,” said Loretta Li-Sevilla, Sr. Director Worldwide Office of the Future and Collaboration Business, HP. “Pairing our versatile meeting room system, HP Elite Slice, with the Jabra PanaCast for the Jabra x HP Elite Slice bundle, customers can improve productivity and collaboration in a seamless all-in-one, easily managed solution,” she concludes.


The Jabra PanaCast and HP Elite Slice bundle will be available from mid-October with select distributors.

For more information, visit:

Jabra site: https://www.jabra.com/c/global/bundles/HP