Jesper Bennike takes the Sixfold helm as founding team hands over operational leadership


As of April 1, Jesper Bille Bennike will join Sixfold as Executive Director, signalling the next stage of the company’s evolution. Bennike comes with deep expertise in supply chain technology and real-time visibility, having spent three years building and leading Gatehouse Logistics as CEO before selling the company in 2018.

Bennike will further grow the world’s most powerful real-time visibility enabled network by helping members drive efficiency gains along the entire supply chain. He will also focus on driving innovation through value-adding services that use the network’s power to deliver “Predictive Transportation” – a transport network that optimizes cost and CO2 emissions using predictive insights based upon real-time data.

Stephan Sieber, CEO of Sixfold’s parent company Transporeon, said: “Jesper’s joining is the next logical step in a long-planned transition and we are excited to have such an experienced executive on board. Since upgrading Transporeon’s entire network with Sixfold’s real-time visibility capabilities in September 2020, there has been an ever closer integration between transport execution and real-time visibility. This move was a major leap in removing the upfront barriers of visibility adoption, ensuring a significantly faster ROI. Moreover, it signalled a step forward in the increasing collaboration between Transporeon and Sixfold that we are now pushing further.”

A special thank you goes to Sixfold’s founding team of Magnus Hiie, Märt Kelder, Priit Haamer, Tõnu Runnel, Volkert Gasche, and Wolfgang Wörner. They have shaped the real-time visibility market over the last four years with a unique data science-driven approach and in record time made Sixfold the leading force for real-time visibility in Europe.

It is with strong teamwork, engaging thought leadership and great customer centricity that the founding team has created a leading platform on which a new generation of products and services can now be built for customers. For example, the team’s qualities, as well as the unprecedented scale of the network, allowed Sixfold to act quickly and decisively when Covid-19 hit by providing free and public information on border wait times via This service helped tens of thousands of supply chain professionals weather the storm during the pandemic, and later Brexit-related disruptions.

“This was only the beginning,” Wolfgang Wörner, previous CEO of Sixfold, commented. “We are excited to have Jesper continue our journey of disrupting logistics by utilizing predictive insights to achieve efficiencies and reduce the carbon footprint of transportation.” While remaining committed as shareholders in the business, Sixfold’s founders are stepping aside from their operational roles as of now, with Tõnu Runnel supporting the transition until the end of 2021.

Bennike, Executive Director of Sixfold, added: “Joining Sixfold and Transporeon at this point in time is very exciting. I’m convinced we are best positioned to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions in supply chain technology. I’m looking forward to working with the great team at Sixfold and want to thank the founding team for the smooth transition and support, as well as getting Sixfold to its market leading position.”