John Lewis investments into digital paid off


Today, John Lewis announced it cut losses in the first half of the financial year and sales grew 6% as it made key investments into online offerings.

In response, Samantha Mansfield made the following comment: 

“John Lewis’ sales growth proves the value of an effective digital strategy in times of grave uncertainty. However, they cannot rest on their laurel, as the retail market is digitally transforming at a rapid rate. It is now a case that businesses must get on board or get left behind. 

With significant investments into online offerings, the high-street stalwart was able to reduce losses despite continued disruptions to business operations. Cutting stores nationwide in March has paid off for the retailer. For most, the days of operating bricks-and-mortar only are gone.  

The pandemic forced a change in mindset for retailers where digital is now the priority. As we enter into the colder seasons with ongoing supply chain issues and labour shortages, retailers need to ensure they have a strong online presence supported by select stores in defined regions. The future of the high street is constantly under question, but there is little doubt digital is here to stay.”