Celsius Plumbing & Heating Boosts Business with BigChange Automation


Celsius Plumbing and Heating has transformed its business with a 5-in-1 field service management software system from BigChange.  The cloud-platform for CRM, job schedulingmobile working, vehicle tracking and management reporting also integrates with Xero account software. It provides Celsius with a completely seamless digital solution from job booking to completion, eliminating paperwork at all stages.

Celsius engineers are equipped with rugged Samsung tablets running the BigChange mobile app.  This provides useful workflows to take engineers step by step through the correct procedures onsite. Digital job cards and inspection sheets are enhanced with photographs and GPS location data for proof of service and compliance. Celsius also use the BigChange ‘No Touch’ app allowing customers to remotely sign off work from their own smartphone.

“The BigChange mobile app really is a ground-breaking innovation for service companies like us,” says Michael Cairns, Director of Celsius Plumbing and Heating.  “It is so easy to use and customise that it can be used for absolutely every task, completely eliminating paper and ensuring consistent reporting from everyone. And it’s synchronised in real time with our central BigChange management system so we have complete visibility of everything going on, 24/7”.

Celsius believes the greatest business benefits come from automation of tasks that previously took a huge amount of time.  “BigChange now automates a raft of key processes to significantly improve our business performance, boosting our productivity, customer service and sales. We’ve also set up over 100 alerts allowing us to keep our fingers on the pulse 24/7,” says Cairns.

Previously Celsius would call around customers when their boilers were due for their annual service. It took a huge amount of time and numerous attempts to get hold of people and secure a booking, especially when dealing with tenants. The whole process has now been automated with the software generating appointment offers.

“Our service booking success rate increased from 20 per cent to 90 percent,” Cairns comments. “BigChange has also improved job allocation, scheduling and provided a much slicker paperless reporting process.  We used to average 6 jobs a day but now we are doing 7 or 8 meaning that our engineers are often 30 percent more productive.”

BigChange vehicle tracking provides a live view of whereabouts of all engineers and customers receive ETA messages auto-generated by the system. “Customers love the system,” says Cairns.  “It’s really easy to book a date and time online and with ETA notifications on the day they know when an engineer will arrive; they don’t need to waste time hanging around wondering when someone will turn up.”