Jörg Schairer, Managing Director of Flexco Europe, says, “We want to be the first and most important contact in the sector”

  1. Schairer, your people are now moving to the new company building, which is only 600 meters away from the old building as the crow flies. Why was this new building necessary?

Jörg Schairer: The reasons behind our decision to build it were complex. We have always pursued the goal of becoming the most important contact in the sector for users all over the world who want to maximize the productivity of their conveyor systems. The new building will help us to achieve this goal, because it has the space that will allow us to manufacture modern products and create solutions for problems – and we’ll also be able to offer our customers the best possible support in our modern Training Center. In the future, we’ll also offer a platform for the exchange of information and the high-quality know-how transfer for the various applications in the conveyor belt industry.


  1. Good work needs not only time, but also space – how much floor space is available to you now? And for how many workplaces is the building designed?

Jörg Schairer: We have a total of 10,741 square meters of space at our disposal. Production, storage and shipping account for around 7,500 square meters of this, and the administration area has around 3,200 square meters. That means we’ve more than doubled all areas – and this gives us space for more than 100 attractive jobs.


  1. Will Flexco Europe be hiring more personnel to staff the new building?

Jörg Schairer: Yes, definitely. We’ve increased our workforce by 15% in the past twelve months, and in the future, we’ll be tripling the number of apprenticeships we offer.


  1. For you personally, what was really important about the new building? And can you tell us something about the concept?

Jörg Schairer: We wanted a modern, open-plan and bright building. The interior design and the use of modern technologies were also high on our list of requirements, because they optimize the communication and the exchange of information between our employees and with our customers from the various sectors – and Flexco ultimately markets solutions that combine proven quality with modern technology.


  1. What changes will this new building bring for Flexco Europe? Will you be expanding your production, for instance?

Jörg Schairer: Yes, we will. Expanding the production at our German site in Rosenfeld was also very important for us, so our existing portfolio will be expanded by products that hold promise for the future. This has been planned and pursued in cooperation within the worldwide Flexco Group since the concept phase.


  1. What will happen to the old site?

Jörg Schairer: We’ll be giving it up, but we’ll always have positive memories of our association with it. We’re also delighted that we’ve been able to find a local party who will take it over and provide more jobs in Rosenfeld.


  1. How important is Rosenfeld for you?

Jörg Schairer: We have many experienced employees on the Rosenfeld site – and we don’t want to do without their expertise in the future. That’s why we’ve remained here and chosen a local site for the new building. For the Flexco Group, quality has always been more important than every single cent of production costs. Staying here at Rosenfeld means that we can continue to enjoy the advantages of the Neckar-Alb economic region, the ideal transport connections and a network of valued suppliers and partners.


  1. How will your customers benefit from the new building?

Jörg Schairer: We’ll be constantly optimizing our procedures and maintaining our high standards of product quality. We’ll also be developing the site into one of the most modern Competence Centers in Europe for conveyor belt productivity. For example, the Flexco University, online training courses, webinars, on-site trainings and industrial networks are just a few of the offerings through which our customers can benefit thanks to our know-how. Take the food, parcel handling & sorting, laundry, filter belt, airport logistics, building materials, recycling, all areas of mining, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, grain and cement industries, for example – we understand all the applications of our various customers. It’s our task to support them in finding safe and efficient solutions.