King Ocean Services & Navis Expands Partnership to Optimize Stowage Operations


Navis, the leading provider of maritime software solutions for efficient and compliant cargo, stowage planning and vessel performance, announced King Ocean Services Ltd. has signed a subscription agreement with Navis’ StowMan Vessel Pool to increase their stowage operations’ efficiency which will positively impact their bottom line.

King Ocean Services is among the market leaders in the regional niche trade lanes in which it serves – most prominent are services from South Florida to Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Curacao and the Antillean Islands. As stowage operations are one of the most fundamental practices for ocean carriers because efficient stowage operations have a direct impact on making daily business safer and more profitable, it was a priority for King Ocean Services to find a solution to optimize its stowage operations. They selected Navis’ StowMan Vessel Pool solution to meet their needs and help them reach their business goals with the leading stowage software in the market.

“With the increasing complexity and volume of the global seaborne trade, it is highly vital to operate with innovative and futuristic solutions that will help us increase our value-added operations and remain competitive in the industry,” said Franco Da Costa Gomez, CFO at King Ocean Services Ltd. “With Vessel Pool, our planners will be able to swap ship profiles easily without being trapped in intensively time consuming administrative processes. As a result, we will not solely save a significant amount of time, but will also increase our stowage operations’ cost effectiveness.”

Vessel Pool empowers planners and stowage operations to be less dependent on third parties which particularly paves the way for replacing the  antiquated methods of working and purchasing ship profiles. This helps planners save time and ocean carriers reduce operational costs. Additionally, planners gain full visibility of any ship profile that is in the Navis database – which holds 65% of the container market share – and the rich Navis StowMan database also allows planners to always work with up-to-date ship profiles. Thus giving ocean carriers best practices on increasing efficiency of their stowage operations with holistic and contemporary solutions.

“Ensuring efficient stowage operations may be far more complex and challenging than one thinks, due to antiquated methods as well as fast-growing and demanding nature of the global seaborne trade. In order to address the needs of ocean carriers, we have continuously enhanced our StowMan stowage solution,” said Jacques Marchetti, General Manager of EMEA at Navis. “As a result, we are able to leverage more efficient stowage operations with StowMan’s Vessel Pool solution/module which ultimately helps ocean carriers save operational costs.”