LastPass Business Announces New Integrations with PingOne & PingFederate for Enterprise Companies


LastPass, the global leader in password management, announced new integrations with Ping Identity, including PingOne and PingFederate to better serve enterprise businesses. Customers using PingOne and PingFederate as their identity provider (IdP) can now integrate with LastPass to simplify access management and easily scale proper password hygiene across entire organisations, saving time for IT departments while keeping their data secure, without adding another step – or password – to the end users’ workflow. With these new additions, LastPass Business now has integrations with all major IdPs, serving businesses of every size.

The integrations with PingOne and PingFederate will enable end-users to securely access LastPass, providing automated provisioning and deprovisioning for IT Admins and simplifies user access for employees by eliminating the need for an additional password, all without compromising security. With LastPass’ native cloud-based IdP integrations, businesses manage users and deploy federated login once, without the need for additional overhead, plug-ins and maintenance.

“The LastPass integrations with PingOne and PingFederate provide enterprise companies the ability to easily connect employees to their work while leveraging the technology and solutions that businesses have already implemented,” said Dan DeMichele, Vice President of Product Management for LastPass. “Adding Ping Identity as an integration partner is a big win for LastPass Business and we’re proud to serve companies of all sizes with added security and simplified access.”

“Customers have communicated the value they would gain by integrating PingOne and PingFederate with the secure password storage of LastPass to improve convenience and security for IT teams and end-users,” said Loren Russon, Vice President of Product Management and Design for Ping Identity. “With our new integration with LastPass, together we provide a secure approach to identity and password management that delivers a seamless login experience for our customers.”

Using federated login offers additional security without complexity and LastPass’ unique and enhanced federation model ensures best-in-class security with zero-knowledge infrastructure. Additional benefits include:

  • Simplifies user access: Alleviate login frustrations and easily connect employees to their work, all while leveraging technology and solutions you’ve already implemented at your business.
  • Eliminates additional passwords: Employees only need one password to unlock work – their Ping login. Simplify access and boost productivity by providing a passwordless experience (one less password required to access the user’s vault).
  • Increases adoption: Simplify the end-user enrollment process by removing the need for a master password, providing employees’ immediate access to the credentials they need to do their work, removing login frustrations.
  • Automates identity management: Save time and resources while scaling password management across your organisation by automating provisioning between your identity provider and LastPass. Easily ensure no data leaves your business when employees do.

Learn more about LastPass’ federated login here.