Lectra’s latest fashion PLM solution reaps highest score in industry expert evaluation


Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, receives a glittering result in WhichPLM’s recent benchmark evaluation for the newest version of Lectra Fashion PLM which extends the scope from design and product development to production for retailers, manufacturers, and brands.

Providing greater visibility over fabric management and collection development processes, and guiding companies towards making the right decisions before production, Lectra’s extremely capable PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) platform scored at, or above, the industry average in all of the 43 functional areas WhichPLM measured, achieving the highest-scoring solution evaluated by WhichPLM to date. “With the creation of tools that support the real business of fashion, and the extension of the solution’s footprint, we are extending our recommendation of Lectra to be shortlisted by any fashion and apparel brand, retailer or manufacturer—of any size and geographical spread,” underlined Mark Harrop, CEO and Founder of WhichPLM.

The WhichPLM benchmark evaluation measures against the industry average (a composite score of over 10 modern PLM solutions’ capabilities), the key product lifecycle functions a prospective PLM customer should seek. The study also probes the vendors’ capabilities, industry knowledge, customer insights, services and support facilities. For WhichPLM, Lectra’s technology, which clinched four four-star ratings, ‘is among the best the industry has to offer; its roadmap is clear; and its extended fashion platform reveals a persuasive vision.’

Stellar performance compared to industry average
One of the most significant additions to the Lectra solution, explains WhichPLM, is the Material Forecast module: “This is the first instance WhichPLM has seen of scientific material intelligence being made digestible and useful for non-technical users of PLM.” With the cost of raw materials, a pressing concern for the industry, particularly as an average of 60% to 75% of product cost is materials, Lectra’s module provides real visibility into accurate material consumption at the vital early stages of product development. Further key functional areas in which Lectra’s updated Fashion PLM ‘sufficiently improved’ compared to the 2015 evaluation, to earn a higher star rating in 2016, include: creative design (CAM), color integration, material development, sample management, supplier management, auditing & compliance, sustainability, quality auditing, collaboration & integration, mobile applications, user interface and dashboards.

WhichPLM’s assertion that ‘Lectra’s integration to Illustrator remains one of the best the market has to offer,’ reflects the extension of PLM’s reach throughout the product lifecycle, and deeper links between Lectra Fashion PLM and third party applications, like Adobe Illustrator, as well as Lectra’s own desktop solutions. “This benchmark study, carried out by reputable PLM experts, WhichPLM, clearly demonstrates the real value of the Lectra Fashion PLM. Our solution brings more people into PLM, and places our customers firmly at the center of our approach to make both core, and extended functionality, as broadly useful and intuitive as possible,” explained Céline Choussy Bedouet, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lectra.