Les Grands Chais de France (LGCF) future-proofs its international supply chain network with Körber


Active in 178 countries for a turnover of 1.3 billion euros in 2022, LGCF heads into the comprehensive modernization of its supply chain processes through the implementation of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for all of its 14 sites and a Warehouse Contol System (WCS) for the automated  sites at Petersbach (Alsace) and Landiras (Bordeaux).  Adding to that, the company is also planning to introduce voice and gamification, showcasing the level of modernization it aims at.

LGCF is the world’s 5th largest wine exporter and addresses various objectives through this large-scale project: software-powered performance gains, improved supply chain resilience and reliability, and finally the introduction of both automated and labor engaging solutions in its warehouses. The transformation also contributes to solving a structural problem. The software used until then allowed little evolution, whereas Körber will enable an optimization of warehouse workflows, ongoing end-to-end support and, above all, solid expertise in introducing a new era of supply chain management at multiple locations.

Several factors were decisive in bringing LGCF and Körber together. One reason is Körber’s broad expertise and unparalleled breadth and depth of supply chain solutions for the retail sector. “Commerce has been unpredictable the last three years, and yet customer expectations and the demand for performance remain high”, comments Ottavio Rivelli, SVP Sales & Operations Software South Europe at Körber Business Area Supply Chain. “Organizations must have technology that provides the agility and flexibility to adapt and respond to the market in consumer-oriented ways. We are therefore excited to accelerate the performance of LGCF’s national supply chain network – and help them bring their fulfilment strategy to the next level.”

“As the global modernization of our supply chain processes is a major project, we look forward to partnering with Körber for several reasons,” explains Eric Marseglia, Head of Industrial IT & Logistics LGCF. “On the one hand, we are anticipating a thoroughly planned transition without interruption for our business. On the other hand, we aim higher than mere collaboration by building a strong long-term partnership for the strategic decisions to be made. Another benefit lies in the system architecture to be built, ensuring that integrated workflows will guarantee continuity in the production chain; i.e. total 24/7 system availability – for the sake of our customers.”

The project is expected to start in June 2024 with the installation of four sites by Körber, the remaining ten will be handled by GCF. The overall modernization undertaking is expected to be completed before the end of the first half of 2026.