Leverage Cyber Security Content Marketing with Video Marketing in 2023


Cyber security content marketing is a pivotal point for every digital marketing agency. But content doesn’t only restrict itself to newsletters or blog pieces. Rather it extends itself into video marketing too.

Video marketing has been growing at an accelerated pace with a higher engagement of over 40%. As per the status sticks, the optimal video length should be somewhere around 3 minutes in order to have an impactful message being delivered.

Impacts of including video marketing into Cyber Security Content marketing strategy

The ease with which video can put forward a message is highly engaging. Having video marketing boost your Cyber Security Content marketing strategy would bring the following positives:

a.  Video content is shared easily compared to any blog or newsletter. With over 80% of the global Internet traffic coming from videos, video marketing is truly going to reshape content marketing strategy for your cyber security firm.

b.  Results of video marketing are easy to monitor, thus simpler to give actionable insights. In turn, this can lead to a very strong control over what’s working – and what’s not.

c.  Video content is highly versatile. The flexibility that it provides in terms of the utility of the video content, makes it stand-out.

And now that we have understood how video marketing can be a game changer for the content marketing strategy in the cyber security domain – let us understand a little more – about what entails within video marketing!

What does video marketing consist of?

When we talk about video marketing there are numerous types of videos that can be made which can help in shaping the cyber security content marketing strategy for the firm. Here is a list of few critical ideas, which is a snapshot for different kinds of videos that can be made:

a.  Explainer videos: These videos generally have a narrative style in order to describe a product or a service of the organisation. with the view of educating the target audience they are delved into value chain creation and audience engagement optimization – thus driving a lot of value for the users.

b.  Animated videos: the videos which cover a wide range of topics in a storytelling style in order to captivate the target audience help in creating a brand imagery. They are very strong in putting  a brand message forward – thus enabling the growth of a brand recall too.

c.  Live action videos: Live action videos can further be broken down into the product descriptions, interviews, expert talks and behind-the-scenes moments. It is a walkthrough into the world of cyber security – which plays a crucial role in improving the brand’s voice – and authenticity too.

d.  Video testimonials: A video testimonial from the buyer of your client has a very strong impact in cementing trust and belief. In the longer run, it establishes an improved NPS, thus driving the growth of the firm – within the target audience.

Enhance Cyber Security Content Marketing with Video Marketing

With more than 80% of the business in favour of video marketing as a high ROI tool, it is the greatest path for customer engagement. Including video marketing in Cyber Security Content marketing framework will give the digital marketing agency the perfect tool to enhance the client’s digital assets – thus improving their market reach.

Brands will take a step further in 2023 and get savvier about partnering with video-first influencers who can help amplify messages relevant to audiences while helping scale production. If you have no budget for these influencers, seeking help of AI video editing can also work. AI is a cost-effective solution that can automate and increase the quality of the video for your marketing strategy.