The Role of Custom Coil Winding in Creating High-Quality Medical Devices


Custom coil winding is the technique of wrapping wire around a core or spindle to form coils with unique electrical and physical qualities. It is commonly made of copper, aluminium, stainless steel, and more.

Note that these coils are customizable depending on the application requirement. Therefore, this article will give you an overview of how important custom coil winding is in the medical device industry.

How is custom coil winding beneficial for the medical device industry?

Custom coils are constructed and produced to meet specific electrical and physical criteria, allowing manufacturers to build equipment with exact performance parameters.

They can be customized for individual requirements, enhancing the performance and effectiveness of the finished product. Manufacturers can also choose from different wire types and insulation options to create coils that can withstand various conditions.

Overall, custom coil winding enables manufacturers to create high-quality medical devices that meet the specific needs of their intended applications.

Factors that affect the manufacturing of custom coil winding

The following are factors that influence custom coil winding:

a)  WEIGHT OF COIL: When a coil weighs more or less, the machine’s operation will vary, which will immediately affect productivity.Furthermore, any machinery that cannot handle the required weight of the coil will disrupt the workflow. Therefore, it is important to consider the weight of the coil.

b)  WIRE DIAMETER: The coil twister machine is used to wind wires of different diameters. The minimum and maximum diameters for the wires to be coiled on the machine must always be determined.This will help you significantly narrow down your choices.

c)  COIL DIMENSIONS: A small wire can be easily accommodated by the coil winding machine. However, a large-diameter wire must be used with machinery specifically designed for that application.

d)  COIL WINDING METHOD: The question to consider is whether the coil will be twisted slowly with high torque or quickly with low torque. In addition, the production rate must be considered to ensure that the appropriate ratio of speed and torque matches the weight and size of the coil.

Things to keep in mind before proceeding with custom coil winding

Since we have learned about the many benefits of custom coil winding, the following conditions must be met:

  • Access to advanced technology
  • Skilled workforce
  • A highly effective top-level management team to ensure that reasonable steps are taken within the project timelines
  • High-quality micro-coils that produce an efficient and effective final product
Future of custom coil winding

The growth of the medical industry has a significant impact on the expansion of micro-coil devices. Therefore, micro devices will become increasingly important as the medical industry grows in the future.The thickness of the wire is a critical aspect of micro coil winding because the wires are thinner than human hair and high-temperature activity can alter the characteristics of the micro coil. This is where thermos-compression bonding comes into play, which is a major aid in the development of the micro-coil industry.