Umbraco launches UK data hosting option


Odense, Denmark, February 1, 2023, open-source CMS pioneer, Umbraco, has launched a UK regional hosting option to support Umbraco Cloud platform users. The move comes just five months after the addition of US regional hosting. UK regional hosting is designed to support digital agencies that are developing websites and digital services on Umbraco Cloud, for clients whose data cannot leave the UK.

The expanded regional hosting options will allow agencies the flexibility to select whether their Umbraco Cloud projects, data and environments are stored and served in the UK, Western Europe, or the US. The UK regional hosting option makes it easier for British organisations to start, develop and maintain Umbraco Cloud projects, with the reassurance that data will be stored within their own jurisdiction, in compliance with UK data privacy laws.

Umbraco Cloud’s managed hosting infrastructure provides 24/7 service monitoring, automatic patching and single-click feature upgrades, allowing development teams to focus on creating their Umbraco CMS projects.

When beginning a new project, Umbraco Cloud users will now be presented with the following options under the Region menu:

  • Europe
  • US
  • UK

Explaining Umbraco’s investment in UK hosting, Filip Bech-Larsen, CTO, Umbraco, said, “At the beginning of last year, Umbraco Cloud was exclusively hosted within Microsoft Azure’s Western European region. As more of our partners have moved to Umbraco Cloud to develop and host their projects, we saw that we needed to expand the regional hosting options to meet the data privacy requirements of countries outside of Europe. We added the US regional hosting option last September. The increased requirement for data sovereignty led a number of our partners to request that Umbraco Cloud also be locally hosted in the UK. The new hosting region provides companies with the reassurance that their information will be stored on servers located within the UK’s borders, with a provider that is compliant with UK data legislation.

Speed matters, and by providing access to a UK hosting option, Umbraco Cloud is now even faster for our UK-based customers. This not only improves service for the end customer but also accelerates development, meaning faster time to market and a better user experience.”

Welcoming the addition of the UK regional hosting option, Steve Gale, chief commercial officer at full-service digital agency, CTI Digital, said, “As an Umbraco gold partner that already operates several Umbraco Cloud sites, we’re excited by this news.  Having UK regional hosting will make it possible for more clients to choose Umbraco Cloud, particularly for scenarios where data cannot leave the UK and using a UK data centre is an absolute requirement. From a commercial perspective, this will also make projects more efficient, easier to manage, and more profitable for our agency.”