, & Take Flight with Golden Bees


Programmatic recruitment leader Golden Bees today announced that Yourvacancy Ltd has deployed Golden Bees technology across the, and web sites. The technology is part of a plan to increase the diversity of responses to job vacancies on some of these sites that are growing by more than 100% per month., and deliver diversity recruitment solutions to customers including Sky, Red Bull, Bumble and Sega.  Golden Bees programmatic recruitment technology will ensure that advertisements for roles will be seen by the right candidates on the right sites at the right time, taking into account the diversity and inclusion strategies of these leading businesses.

“We are seeing a huge increase in interest when it comes to enterprises looking to improve the diversity within their workforce,” comments Rory Haslam, Account Director, Yourvacancy Limited.

“The issue has been securing responses from these communities.  We hope that our use of Golden Bees will mean that both companies looking to make the biggest impact with their diversity and inclusion strategies, and the very best LGBT and BAME talent will be brought together.”

Golden Bees’ programmatic technology will automate the distribution of recruitment advertisements features on, and, throughout the web. This will help increase not only the volume of applications but also the quality of the process, by adding an early round of qualification.  This reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks such as early CV analysis and consequently, the cost of the recruitment process.

“Businesses now recognise the need to be proactive and look to technology to not only accelerate recruitment processes, but improve them qualitatively as well,” said Ravi Joshi, Head of UK, Golden Bees.

“Technology such as AI has already shown how it can improve recruitment diversity by overcoming unconscious bias in human recruiters, but this takes such improvements one step earlier in the process by ensuring that businesses looking to increase their diversity can ensure their sourcing processes reflect this aspiration, whilst still ensuring the best quality candidates.”