Top Six Tools That Will Make You a Better Writer


Writing is not as an easy job as it looks. The scariest thing about being a content writer is that there is always room for improvement and advancement. You would be shocked to know that content writers spend days and even weeks researching high-quality writing content. Manual research and practice can consume a lot of your time and productivity, so we recommend you try the best online tools.
Many online tools can help you get rid of day-to-day problems as a writer, but we have listed the top six in this post. Using the below-discussed tools would help you become a better writer!
All six of these tools are very much reliable and helpful for all sorts of writers.


Checking plagiarism has become religiously important for a writer. If you are not checking your created content for plagiarism and replications, you are rejected, and many other plagiarism consequences. We would like you to know that you can easily authenticate your work with the help of modern plagiarism checker tools. This plagiarism checker is best for many reasons, and the best one is that it is powered with AI. Some of the features of the are highlighted below:

• You can enjoy a free trial of this plagiarism checker.

• The paid packages of this plagiarism checker are quite affordable.

• You can check plagiarism in multiple formats and multiple documents.

• You can specify and exclude the URLs that you want to compare or ignore in the checking process.

• We want you to know that this plagiarism checker can provide detailed results, telling you whether your content has deliberate or accidental plagiarism.

• You can learn how to avoid plagiarism with the use of this plagiarism checker tool.


II. Grammarly

Grammarly is another utility that can help you become a better writer. One should know that Grammarly can be used online via the website and can also be downloaded and utilized as an add-on for MS word. Grammarly helps a writer check his work for grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, engagement issues, clarity problems, punctuation, and plagiarism. Grammarly can help you in not only checking all these mistakes but would also provide you different solutions for these problems. You can easily improve the quality & readability of your content with just a few clicks. You must also know that Grammarly would also suggest a better use of vocabulary and citations in your content. If you go with Grammarly’s pro version, you can easily help yourself check text for plagiarism and get it proofread by experts.


III. Scrivener

This is another tool cum application that can help writers take notes when making through research. If you are one of those content writers who are writing new content every turning day, then this tool can help you save useful information that you can use in your day-to-day articles. You must know that taking physical notes is a waste of time as you cannot manage and utilize them properly. This website tool is best for you as it can easily organize all your research work & notes. You can easily create a full outline for your article if you start using this tool. This would save time and would also increase your productivity as a writer.


IV. Headline Analyzer

The headline analyzer is one of the best tools for writers. With the help of the headline analyzer tool, you must know that you can easily optimize headings in the content. Headings are an especially important part of your write-up, and if your headings are not attractive, then there is no way you can excel as a writer and engage your readers. This tool comes in handy when you are writing seo based content. With this tool, you can easily create up to ten headings/subheadings for your content. You can also improve the headings that you have already used in your content!


V. Hemmingway

The Hemmingway is also one of the top six tools that can help you become a better writer. The tool can check your content for all sorts of mistakes and highlight the content that is difficult to understand and is excessively lengthy. You can easily learn how to write concisely if you start using this tool. The content which is easier to read is the most accepted one, and so we would suggest you try Hemmingway if you are facing trouble in generating simple and high-quality sentences. There is no doubt that Grammarly improves your writing, but you should know that Hemmingway would make the content easier to read.


VI. Google Trends

As a writer, you must focus on writing content that satisfies user intent and interest. We would like you to know that Google trends are an online tool that can tell writers about the digital market’s ongoing trends and on different platforms. You can write on the topics and trends suggested by this tool and can increase the engagement rate by more than 50%.



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