Matillion Accelerates Enterprise Data Integration with Matillion Data Loader 2.0


Matillion, the leading enterprise cloud data integration platform, today announced the preview of Matillion Data Loader Version 2.0, the only data loader that offers no-code connector creation within minutes, a single unified experience across batch and change data capture pipelines, and a hyb automation, and advanced analytics programs. With the latest release of Matillion Data Loader, data teams now have access to a truly enterprise-grade, no-code interface for creating and maintaining their data pipelines. It also incorporates Matillion’s no-code connector builder, allowing data teams to quickly establish new connectors to cloud data sources in minutes. This lifts the burden of coding and maintaining data pipelines so enterprise teams can focus on higher value tasks for their organization, as well as automate and accelerate their high-value analytics projects.

“Enterprise teams are struggling more than they should to create data pipelines that align with the privacy and security needs of modern analytics programs. The legacy tools they have relied on in the past are failing to keep pace with the new paradigms of the cloud, while early cloud-native entrants have neglected the sophisticated needs of enterprise,” said Matthew Scullion, CEO of Matillion. “Our newest release enhances Matillion Data Loader with features that finally deliver on the promise of unlocking the true potential of data at scale — empowering rid SaaS architecture that gives enterprises control to create high-security data pipelines. Matillion is announcing its newly enhanced suite of no-code batch ingestion and streaming change data capture (CDC) functionality at AWS re:Invent 2021.

Data teams report wasting more than half of their time (57%) on data migration and maintenance tasks instead of delivering on more strategic and advanced analytics projects. This trend is only increasing with the growing number of data sources — the top 20% of enterprises are using more than 1,000 data sources to power business intelligence,data teams to dedicate time and resources to more strategic efforts.”

With Matillion Data Loader Version 2.0, enterprise data teams gain the ability to:

Eliminate dependency on vendors to support connectors 

  • Create API connectors in minutes with Matillion’s no-code Universal Connectivity
  • Download community-sourced API connectors from Matillion Exchange, or publish their own
  • Accelerate batch data loading with dozens of pre-built connectors
  • Create streaming CDC pipelines for modern data platforms in minutes

Increase productivity with a unified interface for all data loading

  • Load data from the most popular sources with pre-built batch and CDC streaming connectors
  • Monitor all batch and streaming CDC data loading pipelines from a single dashboard
  • Speed up time to value with integrated ETL workflows to refresh all of your data sets after load

Improve operational analytics with Change Data Capture 

  • Go beyond replication with normalized, queryable change logs that unlock new enterprise use cases (such as AI/ML model training, fraud detection, and real-time marketing campaigns)
  • Stream changes in real time into the data lakehouse of their choice

Ensure enterprise-grade reliability and support

  • Leverage a hybrid SaaS architecture that pairs easy setup with enterprise-grade security, sovereignty, and privacy compliance
  • Rely on SLA guarantees and Matillion’s Mission Critical Support
  • Integrate data loading into the enterprise stack with API driven automation triggers and VPN tunneling

“Universal Connectivity enabled our team to easily integrate new data sources into our ETL workflows in a matter of minutes, not hours or weeks,” said Kai Wolffram, Head of Analytics & Operations for TUI, one of the world’s largest travel companies. “This functionality is simple to use and requires no manual coding from our team. We no longer need to wonder what connectors are supported — now we focus on delivering value using all the data sources inside our organization.”

Matillion Data Loader Version 2.0 will be generally available in the first half of 2022. Access to the new user experience will be available in public preview starting today at Sign up for access to a private preview of the streaming change data capture capability at Matillion team will demo the product at AWS re:Invent 2021 in Las Vegas, November 30-December 3, 2021. Visit Matillion at booth #530 or contact [email protected] to set up a demo.

In conjunction with the announcement, Matillion product leaders will hold a webinar, “Bringing Universal Connectivity to Cloud Data Platforms,” to showcase the new capabilities on December 14, 2021 at 12:30 p.m. ET.

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