Metaverse, the next frontier of online retail


Ralph Lauren’s CEO claims that metaverse is the next best way to tap into the younger generations of shoppers.

In light of this, Shellie Vornhagen, CXO at Emplifi highlights how the metaverse, especially AR and VR technologies, will provide new marketing and CX opportunities in 2022:

“The metaverse incorporates AR, VR, 3D holographic avatars, video, and other communication opportunities. It’s naturally going to be more appealing to the younger, more tech savvy generations and have a significant impact on the consumer journey moving forward.

“Online shopping quickly became the new standard throughout the pandemic. The metaverse takes this to the next level. With AR and VR, consumers will be able to explore brands and products digitally – from the initial discovery phase, through the try and test phase right through to post-purchase care. Consumers no longer need to frequent physical stores to try new products before purchasing.

“VR has the potential to generate as much as $1.8 billion for retail and marketing companies in 2022. This is because AR and VR have the power to attract new customers, increase sales, and reduce the number of product returns. Just imagine being able to see how a product looks on you or in your home before you hit that purchase button.”