Two-thirds of Brits are proud of the work they do

Research shows that the vast majority (64.5%) of UK-based employees take pride in the work they currently do. The Belgians score highest with 80.0% followed by Dutch employees with 70.7%. The Brits and the Germans display the same level of pride with the French in last place with 57.1% saying they take pride in what they do for living.

The survey was conducted by payroll & HR services provider SD Worx and the Antwerp Management School in the first quarter of 2020, before the COVID-19 crisis.


Overall job satisfaction and energy levels

Just as the UK prepares to go back to work, the majority of Brits (53%) say they are happy in their current job whilst 72.0% of the Belgians, 66.9% of the Dutch, 62.6% of the Germans and 55.4% of the French feel the same way.

What’s more, we also see the majority (52.7%) of Brits being enthusiastic about what they do while being absorbed in their work. 73.4% of the Belgian, 65.9% of the Dutch, 54.6% of the German, 53. 9% of the French workers can say the same.

This proves that quite a few employers are really succeeding in creating a pleasant working environment.

“This high satisfaction is a positive sign for employers as it relates to retention and performance”, explains Ans De Vos, professor at the Antwerp Management School and specialised in “Next generation work: Creating sustainable careers.” “The challenge is to keep employees satisfied and motivated for intrinsic reasons such as an interesting job vs something that is too comfortable to give up. The latter no longer fits with our rapidly changing world of work where adaptability and openness to change are key for sustainable careers.”

Fiona McKee, HR Director at SD Worx UK, said: ”These numbers are very encouraging, especially at this time. Work is a big part of our lives so it’s important that employees feel positive and energised while at work. When teams are working well and are motivated, no challenge is too big to tackle, and team members can support each other as we navigate the new normal of balance demanding jobs and personal lives. It is by harvesting the goodwill and enthusiasm of employees we create effective teams that will help put the economy back on track.”


About the survey 

The survey was conducted by the Antwerp Management School in collaboration with the Belgian business newspaper De Tijd, Indiville and HR service provider SD Worx, among 3870 employees working at smaller and large companies in all kinds of industries and covered markets in Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Antwerp Management School is an autonomous, future-oriented management school that’s been a powerful driver of social and community activities in Belgium for almost 60 years now thanks to its high-quality management training programmes and research.  



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