Boomi Introduces Open Platform Initiative that Jumpstarts Workforce Transformations


Boomi™, a Dell Technologies™ business, today introduced Work Reimagined, the iPaaS-leader’s dedicated initiative to help the world get back to work today and accelerate tomorrow’s transformations. Work Reimagined solutions help organizations simplify and accelerate digital transformations in changing times. Utilizing these new quick-start solutions in Boomi’s cloud-native open platform, Boomi customers can automate and orchestrate critical new processes to return to work as facilities re-open, manage and monitor team member’s health status, drive deeper employee engagement, including worker journey, and more. These critical processes will be facilitated in an agile way without heavy technology investments. Work Reimagined specifically empowers human resources and operational leaders who are the key facilitators of change, to solve their critical immediate IT needs and thrive while managing constant change.

Work Reimagined leverages the capabilities of Boomi Flow, the company’s cloud-native solution focused on workflow automation and accelerating customer journeys through low-code development. Running on Boomi, organizations have the most open, universal solution that works with existing IT ecosystems without the need for re-tooling or custom development timeframes and costs. Work Reimagined is the fastest way for organizations to activate fully functional solutions that go from zero to portal in under 48 hours.

This initiative is devised of a solutions catalog of quick-start application templates that are now available for Boomi users to easily customize and deploy. These solutions accelerate response, increase productivity, synchronize interactions and enable worker continuity. Boomi’s Work Reimagined enables customers to:

  • Simplify and speed return to site – Solutions to capture, monitor, track and report on worker/student/faculty status in near real time on any device.
  • Orchestrate worker lifecycle functions – Including preboarding, onboarding, offboarding with precision and ease.
  • Unified visibility into people’s status – By synchronizing knowledge of people’s situations across the organization to HR and IT leaders and meeting new requirements.


“HR, IT and Operations leaders have been forced to quickly adapt their processes and systems in a world that is constantly changing while also balancing their pre-existing innovation roadmaps,” said Chris Port, chief operating officer of Boomi. “While chasing moving targets, their heightened responsibility to protect and manage the wellbeing of their people is critical. Work Reimagined supports key use cases that are currently top priority for organizations, and we’re proud to be able to help customers facilitate these urgent changes and put people first.”


Getting started with Work Reimagined 

The Work Reimagined solutions can be deployed for free by existing Boomi customers and to new customers through a 30-day free trial. Please visit Boomi’s Discover page to learn more about Work Reimagined, access the solutions catalog, or to get started on Boomi.


Work Reimagined interactive events

Boomi is hosting a series of online events beginning today to educate and involve HR, IT and operations teams in this initiative. The events will enable virtual attendees to:

  • See Work Reimagined solutions in action.
  • Hear from customers and partners on how they are using Boomi to accelerate agility.
  • Learn how to build an Employee Lifecycle application, live.