Mindtree Recognized as an Expert Managed Service Provider for Microsoft Azure


Mindtree, a leading digital transformation and technology services company, has been recognized as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP). The Azure Expert MSP program signifies Mindtree’s expertise in cloud services, assuring Microsoft customers they are working with a trusted partner for the support of Azure implementations.

Mindtree offers Azure managed services to both existing and new customers. The company has a comprehensive cloud management platform aimed at helping customers manage workloads on Azure more efficiently. Its Azure managed CloudOps includes built-in disaster recovery and provides support for customers from assessment through validation. Mindtree has also invested significant resources and efforts in developing its integrated IT infrastructure management and service platform, MWatch, for automation and orchestration of Azure environments.

“This recognition further solidifies our collaboration with Microsoft,” said Dayapatra Nevatia, Chief Operating Officer, Mindtree. “Moving operations to cloud is essential for enterprises working to accelerate digital transformation and meet their business objectives. Our goal is to help customers adopt Microsoft Azure services, cost effectively and efficiently, scaling automation to drive efficiency and add value for our clients.”

“Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Providers are highly successful in driving consumption of Azure services,” said Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President One Commercial Partner at Microsoft. “This recognition highlights Mindtree’s proof of excellence in customer delivery and its ability to manage service delivery with scale through all facets of cloud transformation.”

Participation in the Azure Expert MSP program is achieved by partners that rigorously meet a number of requirements, including verified customer delivery and technical expertise tests, as well as successfully complete an independent audit of their managed services, equipment, processes, and technologies.

You can find Mindtree on the Microsoft Azure MSP page, here.