Morrish Solicitors commits to Advanced for digital-first practice & case management


Advanced has signed a new deal with Morrish Solicitors LLP which will see the Yorkshire-based law firm implement Tikit Partner for Windows (P4W) to handle its practice and case management as well as Tikit Connect for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing activities.

P4W, already used by over 600 legal firms across the UK, is the flagship system of Tikit, the global legal, accounting and professional services software business acquired by Advanced in March this year. Morrish Solicitors is the first customer to select P4W since Tikit’s takeover, reinforcing Advanced’s commitment to the ongoing support and development of the solution.

As an easy-to-use and configurable application, P4W will help the firm improve the client experience for trade unions, their members and private individuals. They will be able to instantly view, download and update their case details in a customised and secure portal. In addition, all communications will be managed in one single, reliable and up-to-date system. Through P4W’s integrated contact management and e-marketing solution Tikit Connect, Morrish Solicitors will be able to easily maintain contact details and deliver accurately targeted digital marketing campaigns.

“As a customer focused business, we wanted a solution that could deliver innovative functionality for our customers, P4W offers just that,” comments Jaime Lockwood, IT Manager at Morrish Solicitors. “It enables us to send documents to our clients quickly and for them to see updates instantly. This is much more efficient than our teams relying on clients to receive physical documents sent in the post on time. It’s this move to a paper light way of working that will mean the information we share with our clients will be accurate, which will not only enable everyone to work from one version of the truth, but also enable us to be more transparent too.”

P4W will also provide a more flexible working environment for its staff who will be able to use the integrated system from anywhere and at any time. Around 60 partners, legal advisors and trainees, and administrative staff will be able to scan and upload post and other documents into the system as well as work with customers virtually as opposed to physical meetings. These capabilities are incredibly valuable, especially given the current pandemic requires Morrish Solicitors to service clients remotely. In fact, it’s galvanised many clients into taking a digital-first approach when working and communicating with the law firm.

Jaime explains: “The impact of COVID-19 on the workplace highlights what we already knew we wanted from a practice and case management solution which is flexibility. P4W will best enable us to service our clients whether we are working in the office or from home. We will have a system that is much slicker in helping us to communicate with them and also our staff, who are really excited about using the system. The team at Advanced will be delivering remote training on P4W which will help ensure our users are taking full advantage of all of the functionalities.

“What we have also found since choosing to use P4W is the incredible community amongst fellow law firm users and their willingness to endorse the solution. As an organisation upgrading to a new practice and case management product after 11 years, it’s reassuring to know we have support from both Advanced and its existing legal customer base.”

Doug Hargrove, Managing Director – Legal – Advanced, concludes: “P4W is an innovative and sophisticated technology application in the legal market. It offers Morrish Solicitors a solution that meets its current and future needs – helping it transform digitally while remaining within the Advanced family. As a long-standing customer of one of our legacy products, Morrish Solicitors is the first firm that has been able to profit from this strong upgrade path to a modern and customisable legal solution without the risk of moving to a new supplier. We look forward to supporting Morrish Solicitors on its ambitious business journey to becoming a digital-first law firm.”