National Lottery Community Fund states unencrypted devices as cause of data breach

Devices and the data stored on them, make the movement of data manageable and simple, but they are just as simple to lose, as this data breach has demonstrated. With more and more data on the move due to the increase in remote working, organisations need to adopt security measures that prevent unauthorised people from accessing the content of a device, particularly in the event it is lost or stolen.

The benefits of encryption and password protection are not new. Data security requires encrypted hardware that protects digital identities and applications wherever they reside. Data security that focuses on strong encryption and identity and policy-based data management is certainly the way forward to ensure that if the device is lost or stolen, the contents remain obscured and inaccessible.

The fact that the National Lottery Community Fund are unable to confirm whether the missing discs are lost, stolen or destroyed is concerning and shows the importance of data security and management – organisations have a duty to secure corporate information and the devices on which it is stored.