Navis Euroports Collaborate to Implement Navis TOS SaaS


Navis, the provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for leading organizations throughout the global cargo supply chain, today announced a new partnership agreement with Euroports, consisting of a multi-terminal implementation of Master Terminal by Navis. The initial 5 year Master Terminal by Navis plus managed services subscription agreement includes a three-phased plan for several terminals with a targeted go live within 3 years. With a focus on Euroports’ break-bulk facilities, the Navis TOS will replace legacy systems, applying standardization for greater consistency and efficiency across Euroports’ network.

Euroports’ core business centers around port operations in strategically located terminal areas that allow producers and shippers to reach key consumer markets across Europe and China. Currently, Euroports is seeking an integrated, real-time view of all operations and data, consolidating performance results on a group level. With Master Terminal, Euroports will be able to address the complex challenges of managing break-bulk and bulk-cargo, better track operations and increase efficiency in administration and communication, allowing them to make smarter decisions faster for improved productivity and operational efficiency across the entire organization.

“We are putting a platform in place to provide operational excellence throughout our worldwide presence,” said Geert Gekiere, Chief Financial Officer of Euroports. “This involves a customer-centric solution that captures best practices, consistent communication and efficient administration. The goal is to identify the most suitable solutions for all our stakeholders. I am certain that the Navis team is the right partner to assist us in making this trip a success.”

“Break-bulk terminals face a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing cargo,” said Jacques Marchetti, VP & General Manager, Navis EMEA. “Having the entire Euroports global network on one central system will offer invaluable insights into the real time moves and data, not just at the ground level of each terminal, ultimately enabling business improvements network-wide.”

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