New ERP Solution is the Accelerator for Transformation


The automotive industry is in the midst of great upheaval. The change to e-mobility poses altogether new challenges for manufacturers and suppliers. As a leading global supplier of drive components, SEG Automotive is in the midst of this transformation. To optimize its processes and efficiently master the new challenges, the automotive supplier is now relying on Infor CloudSuite Automotive.

In the automotive industry, the high speed of transformation and increasing complexity in the networking of hardware and software are leading to the fact that established players have to change to survive in the market — in terms of their product portfolio, their processes, and their digital tools.

This is why SEG Automotive is now relying on the Infor CloudSuite Automotive as an essential part of its digital transformation to efficiently optimize and manage its business processes on a single global multi-tenant cloud platform.

”Infor’s solution convinced us with its digitization options,” says Tim Zimmermann, ERP director, SEG Automotive. “We can improve not only our workflow management but also utilise modern methods in digital manufacturing and machine learning. This allows us to raise both production optimization and automatized monitoring of our production to a new level.”

With this solution tailored to the automotive industry, the global supplier can streamline, optimize, and accelerate its processing landscape. The project started in 2019, with the first locations already converted at the end of 2020. The whole system will be implemented globally by 2023.

Digital networking with all business partners and the provision of data in a centralized data lake will lead to faster and more efficient decision-making and easier reporting in the future. A central view of all company data is guaranteed, which means that industry 4.0 and machine learning initiatives can be implemented strategically.

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SEG Automotive is a leading global supplier of solutions for the automotive industry. The company emerged in 2018 from the Starter Motors & Generators division of Bosch and stands for over 100 years of innovation in the industry. It offers a broad product portfolio to make the powertrain more efficient: from alternators to (start-stop) starter motors and e-machines for hybridization and electrification. In the light of the digital revolution SEG Automotive has taken numerous measures to assert and further expand its role as a technological pioneer not only in terms of its own product portfolio. This requires lean corporate processes that do not delay the development of innovations but, on the contrary, actively promote them. The intelligent use of collected data and information is also essential. SEG Automotive has launched several initiatives to achieve this goal, including using Industry 4.0 technologies in production and robotics in administrative processes — and is now relying on the multi-tenant cloud from Infor for corporate management.

The automotive supplier’s cloud-first strategy guarantees the company’s long-term competitiveness through innovation and agility. The solution approach enables the standardization of digital business processes to continuously make innovations and extensions available automatically. The transparency achieved in this way across all company processes will create the prerequisites for initiating further measures relating to technologies such as integrated business planning and AI in the future, among other things.

“We are already working with Infor on concrete new solutions for artificial intelligence around digital manufacturing and production optimisation,” Zimmermann said.

Infor CloudSuite Automotive is not only tailored to the automotive industry, it is also ideal for global companies by covering many local requirements. For SEG Automotive, this includes e-invoicing in the Mexico plants or creating and processing transport declarations in Hungary, among other things. Thus, the Infor solution enables the global supplier to further develop the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) and machine connection and to use integrated EDI functions.

The scalability of the system and the implementation of the highest security aspects are guaranteed by the cloud solution. Merino Consulting Services as an Infor partner is supporting the implementation at SEG Automotive locations worldwide. Numerous pilot project branches are already connected. Go-live worldwide is planned by 2023 at the latest.

“We did not take the selection of a new ERP system lightly,” says Frank Lorenz-Dietz, CFO, SEG Automotive. “For us as a globally operating mid-sized company, it is crucial to differentiate ourselves through smart, lean processes and solutions as well. I am convinced that Infor can make a significant contribution to this.”

“Our CloudSuites enable our customers to successfully implement their digitization strategies,” says Joachim Harb, Infor senior vice president and general manager of central Europe. “Since the German automotive industry is known worldwide for high-quality vehicles and components, we are all the more pleased to support one of the most important suppliers to the industry with our multi-tenant cloud.”