Nexer Digital launches sustainability strategy to raise awareness & improve environmental impact of digital


Human-centred digital design and development agency, Nexer Digital, has launched a sustainability strategy as part of its ongoing commitment to making its work in digital more eco-friendly on personal, business and group levels.

Over the past year, the agency has been examining its responsibility to make longer-lasting, more sustainable digital products and services with its clients and exploring the environmental impact of creating and consuming digital. This has culminated in a strategy that will guide the team at Nexer Digital as they continue to bring humanity and a focus on people to the design of its clients’ digital services, while becoming an Earth-centred agency.

In devising the strategy, Nexer Digital worked with digital sustainability expert, Gerry McGovern, who was also a keynote speaker at the annual Camp Digital Conference. According to some estimates, the digital industry is as polluting as the airline industry, and this statistic is in part what prompted the agency to take action.

The company held a learning day away from screens and electronic devices at Whirligig Woods where the team worked on goals for internal consumption and emissions, and ideas for how to help clients with their sustainability commitments. This is aligned with efforts across the international Nexer Group to minimise the environmental impact of their work. Digital Clean-up Day was marked with a campaign to track how much data employees consume and store, and a mission to reduce this by allocating each employee half an hour a week to delete old, unneeded data.

In addition, Nexer Digital has helped clients, including NCC Group, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and the Department for Education, to consider digital sustainability as part of their ESG commitments by showing them the potential of sustainable digital products and services.

Nexer is strategically focusing on the sustainable design, development and hosting of digital products and services to increase their longevity and reduce their environmental footprint. The organisation has also calculated the carbon output of its team and delivery squads and will be including the carbon impact of the digital products and services they build in future proposals.

Amy Czuba, senior account manager at Nexer Digital, said: “We want to be more conscious, continue learning and be open about where we can improve in terms of digital sustainability. Therefore, it’s important to present our strategy and create benchmarks upon which we can measure our success. Our strategy is by no means fixed or final, but a guide to be continually revisited and reworked as we learn more.

“We are launching the strategy to hold ourselves accountable in our commitment to creating sustainable products and services with our clients and improving the way we operate internally. We look forward to working with our peers and clients as we progress on our journey to make sustainability a key consideration throughout the digital industry. By creating and evolving our own strategy we are leading by example and demonstrating what is possible for others who might want to embark on their own journey.”