NiceLabel launches new version of labelling management portfolio to streamline production of supply chain documents


NiceLabel, a leading global developer of label design software and label management systems, has launched a new version of its label management solutions portfolio: version, 2019.3. The new software update will enable organisations to use just a single platform for designing and printing their labels and supply chain documents (something many struggled with before), thereby saving them time and costs and streamlining their whole production process.

The NiceLabel software previously offered out-of-the-box label design, allowing business users to quickly and easily design and print labels. The new version builds on this capability, enabling users, especially those working in factories or warehouses, to seamlessly design and print related supply chain documents, including delivery notes, pick lists, packing slips and invoices, from a single platform.

“As always, we are strongly focused on listening closely to customers and adapting our labelling solutions to meet their needs,” said Ken Moir, VP of Marketing at NiceLabel. “We know it has been possible to design and print these documents before, but it has been complex requiring people with the highest levels of technical skills. With the latest version, we have made it easy for users to design these documents.

“The result is something that we believe is a real differentiator in the marketplace,” added Moir, “a user-friendly way for businesses to design and print their labels and supply chain documents all in one label management system.”

The 2019.3 release of the NiceLabel software also features a connector to cloud-based software from Workday. This is an example of a cloud-to-cloud integration that also supports cloud connected printers (IoT printing). Businesses that adopt this functionality can print driverless, completely eliminate their on-premise labelling footprint and save costs as a result. Their existing Workday process remains the same, but they gain the benefits of streamlined label printing through NiceLabel Label Cloud.

“With any cloud-based system, there is an expectation of ease of integration with other cloud-based applications,” continued Moir. “Users anticipate that Label Cloud will be able to interact seamlessly with other cloud-based applications. That’s exactly what this new release delivers through its connectors and cloud-to-cloud integration capability.”

The release also includes enhancements to NiceLabel’s SAP advanced business application programming (ABAP) package including the ability to print supply chain documents more easily; and exporting data sources for streamlined design.

The new 2019.3 release additionally features a web-based manager for the NiceLabel integration system that allows users to centrally manage all integrations.

In parallel with the 2019.3 launch, NiceLabel is also introducing a brand-new edition of Label Cloud. Label Cloud Compliance is vertically aimed at regulated companies including medical device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals businesses and chemicals companies which require a compliant labeling process to meet evolving US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union (EU) regulatory requirements.

Download the new version of NiceLabel. Detailed information about the new version is available in the release notes.