Mandata TMS brings greater efficiency & Covid protection for Wyvern Cargo


Wyvern Cargo, the Dorset-based logistics provider, says they have increased speed and efficiency across all transport operations since switching to Mandata’s TMS and Manifests App.

Privately owned, the distribution and warehousing company operates from a 40,000 sq. ft. site in Poole with a satellite depot in Wellingborough and a 60,000 sq. ft. of food-grade warehousing at Bournemouth airport. A fleet of 65 articulated and rigid vehicles delivers food, packaging and other retail products to mainstream outlets and supermarket distribution centres throughout the UK, alongside its pallet network operations.

Operations Manager Simon Sparrowhawk explains why Wyvern made the change:

“We have been using Mandata for several years and originally chose the system because we wanted the operational benefit and flexibility of live load planning. Our previous system was effectively an invoice filing cabinet on a computer, whereas the Mandata TMS provides all-round versatility.”

Simon also comments that the transport management system creates a central point for every job in transport and customers can book using an online portal and then see updates of each consignment’s journey. Upon job completion, invoices are sent to the customer from the Mandata TMS.

“This not only improves efficiency from an operational standpoint,” adds Simon “but also by using the integrated driver Manifests App and the EPOD tool, our local driving team have significantly reduced paperwork. A feature we are actively looking at rolling out across the entire fleet. During the COVID crisis, drivers have been able to offer contactless deliveries, which reduces the risk to themselves and to the end user.”

Manifests App also uses the vehicle’s tracking system to monitor the progress of each consignment, which enables Wyvern’s customers to see what is out for delivery, when it has arrived and the time of receipt. Furthermore, says Wyvern Cargo, customers and network depots no longer need to make numerous calls to check every consignment status, as they can quickly access all info via the TMS portal.

According to Simon the Manifests App with live job updates and EPOD (electronic proof of delivery) has taken a lot of pressure off their drivers, all of whom say it makes their job much simpler when dealing with the end user.

“For example,” adds Simon “the date and time of delivery are automatically timestamped, so they only need to get a name and signature – perfect for avoiding any disputes or issues regarding ‘late or missing’ consignments.”

Wyvern Cargo goes on to say that the time saved by the Manifests App enables their local delivery and customer service teams to achieve more during the working day, not least because the App has reduced the number of POD scans and service calls which need to be made.

Mandata has also integrated Wyvern Cargo’s logistics processes into the Palletforce Network’s Alliance system, thereby providing the same level of service and control throughout the operation.

“Again,” says Simon Sparrowhawk “by managing all of our transport and Palletforce work through Mandata TMS, our teams are able to work together and waste less time moving between systems to find information. Customer transparency for each job is greatly improved, which adds to an overall increase in the quality of service we provide.”

Wyvern Cargo also comment that the traceability and activity reporting which Mandata TMS provides for both truck and driver, aids compliance for the company’s British Retail Consortium Global Standard Certification.