Office Depot’s CompuCom Launches ‘Self Healing Healthcare


CompuCom Systems Inc. (“CompuCom®”), a subsidiary of Office Depot, Inc. (NASDAQ:ODP) and a leading provider of managed digital workplace services, today introduced Self Healing Healthcare™, an automated service for healthcare organizations that monitors, detects, diagnoses and resolves device performance issues without the need for end-user intervention – empowering providers to focus on their patients.

Technology downtime costs the healthcare industry an average of $6.9 million per hour, according to a recent study, proving detrimental to patients and leading to productivity loss and higher costs. Leveraging Self Healing Technology, the Self Healing Healthcare service monitors and maintains end-user devices in clinics and hospitals, automatically detecting and resolving issues, outages and failures.

Predictive and proactive, the technology fixes issues before they impact employees or disrupt patient care or business, expediting issue resolution from hours – or even days – down to minutes, saving significant time and money. If an issue cannot be resolved with the Self Healing Technology, the system automatically records the issue, opens a service ticket and dispatches a technician, all without employee intervention.

“Downtime impacts nearly every aspect of a hospital’s operations, including patient care, admissions and finance, among others, and failures can limit access to patient records, which in turn leads to longer wait times and a poor patient experience,” noted CompuCom Chief Product and Marketing Officer Ken Jackowitz. “With Self Healing Healthcare, we’re leveraging 30 years of client experience to provide a service that not only increases profitability and efficiency for medical facilities, but also helps improve patient diagnosis and care.” 

Key Self Healing Healthcare features include:

  • Real-time and automatic issue resolution, minimizing disruption.
  • Automated incident management that reduces downtime, on-site technician visits, service desk calls and costs.
  • Lightweight SaaS-based service with offline availability and seamless ITSM Service Desk integration.
  • Analytical insights on machine health with multi-platform support for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome devices.
  • Self-service app for end users to quickly investigate issues, request support or perform self-help for service requests.

AI and Process Analytics 
In addition, Self Healing Healthcare includes AI and process analytics that visualize technology operations at near real-time speeds, creating insights and identifying automation opportunities that help clients understand problem areas and make the necessary operational adjustments. Engineered as an adaptive solution, the Self Healing Healthcare automation library expands as new opportunities for automation are found and added through daily activity.
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