Onfido launches Motion, the next generation of facial biometric technology, improving verification speed by 12X


Onfido, the leading global digital identity verification and authentication provider, has unveiled Motion, a next generation biometric liveness solution to enhance its Real Identity Platform, launched in May. Motion delivers seamless, secure, and inclusive customer verification and is iBeta Level 2 certified. With a simple head-turn capture, businesses can automate customer onboarding, assess more customers, more quickly and efficiently while significantly reducing their fraud exposure.

Identity fraud has risen 43% year-over-year with sophisticated fraud increasing 57% as criminals employed smarter tactics, utilizing realistic 2D/3D masks and deploying display attacks (for example, showing a picture of person on a screen) to try to spoof verification systems. And with 9 out of 10 consumers comfortable accessing digital services, the opportunities for fraudsters are increasing. Not only must companies now provide more accurate fraud measures when verifying new and existing customers, but they must also ensure they can establish trust with potential customers in under 10 minutes or risk losing them. Luckily, consumers are increasingly embracing biometrics, with 77% reporting that biometrics are more convenient than legacy verification methods.

Motion is built on Onfido’s award-winning AI technology, Atlas, ensuring users benefit from AI that is fast, accurate, and fair, with next generation fraud detection performance on a global level. Using Motion, user bias is reduced across all ethnicities, thanks to Onfido’s advanced machine learning models. These models have been trained to identify hundreds of thousands of fraud samples and analyze different elements of an identity document and facial biometric to stop fraud and reduce bias.

The Onfido Real Identity Platform is designed to secure trust between organizations and their customers throughout the customer lifecycle. It automatically verifies a customer’s identity using a smart combination of award-winning document and biometric verification, trusted data sources, and passive fraud signals. With the addition of Motion, 95% users can now be onboarded in 10 seconds or less, with false rejection rates and false acceptance rates of less than 0.1%.

Watch: Onfido Motion in Action 

Onfido customer usage of biometrics has increased 160% year-over year as more companies want to safeguard their businesses, while providing the best user experience possible. The market-leading compliance platform Amiqus used to digitally onboard staff welcomed Motion:

“The Amiqus platform is certified to the highest standard by the UK Government and DBS digital identity schemes. Hundreds of regulated businesses and public sector organizations operating at scale rely on us to deliver accessible, robust, and seamless staff onboarding and pre-employment screening,” said Callum Murray, CEO and Founder of Amiqus. “Motion by Onfido is a fantastic addition to this capability and arrives at a time when employers are acutely aware of the need to meet digital right-to-work requirements.”

The micro-mobility and scooter platform, Check, is one of the first Onfido customers to use Motion:

“Using Onfido Motion, it’s very clear to our customers what is being asked of them when being verified,” said Rick Van’t Hof, Product Owner, Check. “It enables them to set up an account in seconds and be on their way on one of our mopeds, while enabling us to keep operating costs low and run efficiently as an agile and high-growth business.”

“In today’s fast-paced digital world, providing the best user experience is everything. Consumers demand to be able to access products and services in seconds whilst also knowing they are secure,” said Alex Valle, Chief Product Officer, Onfido. “Motion helps achieve this, with a biometric liveness solution that provides simple, fair and secure access to online services from banking and gaming to crypto, rental cars and scooters.”

Configuring Motion is easy with Onfido Smart Capture SDK, enabling it to fit seamlessly into an organization’s customer workflow. Thanks to intelligence drawn from leveraging deep, diverse datasets built from over a decade of verifying global identities, Motion is one of the most accurate and fair liveness solutions available.

Onfido Motion is available now.  Register for an upcoming webinar to find out more [US registration, EU & UK registration, APAC registration].