Optical networks expert reveals transceiver programming innovation at CSNOG


Leading telecommunication networks expert, Salumanus, will showcase its innovative transceiver programming solution, alongside its specialist network equipment at the Czech and Slovak Network Operators Group (CSNOG) event on May 16 and 17 in Zlin, Czech Republic. The company will present the unique Smart Recode Device (SRD) and interconnection systems for network operators and data centre owners.

CSNOG will bring together internet service providers, network operators and network technology enthusiasts to discuss the development of internet in Central and Eastern Europe. Key speakers will examine topics like active telecommunications network measurements, building an anycast network or addressing latency fluctuations on authoritative DNS servers.

Salumanus will present its innovative SRD product and its operating application, the SRD Go, which has recently been updated to include more compatible modules. The SRD allows users to change the configurations of their transceivers to match any other modules present in the network, essentially creating a universal optical transceiver. Attendees will be able to try recoding transceivers using the SRD and monitor the changes in the SRD Go app.

The telecommunication specialist will also introduce the new IP over DWDM systems that allow users to integrate IP routers and network switches in the Optical Transport Network (OTN). This approach saves investment in network components including shelves, processors, interfaces cards and it reduces the power consumption.

“We are thrilled to take part in CSNOG, a meeting dedicated to finding new solutions for Internet development in the Slovak and Czech Republic regions, but also more widely in Central and Eastern Europe,” explained Łukasz Bogdanik, product development manager at Salumanus. “Salumanus will present some of our new products that allow operators to optimise their networks while keeping costs at a minimum and saving energy in their infrastructure.”

A new innovation from Salumanus is the interconnection system (ICS) manufactured by GBC Photonics, a product based on fully passive switches and extenders, which generates low insertion loss for users. Similarly, attendees will be able to try the OTN products with Layer 1 encryption, designed by PacketLight, which allow for increased cybersecurity for the entire network.

Salumanus will be present on both days, May 16 and 17 in Zlin, Czech Republic. To find out more about the solutions showcased at CSNOG or to book a meeting with Salumanus, visit www.salumanus.com.