Panduro Hobby chooses Astro Voice to service its hobby lovers


Astro Voice solution in the warehouse
Panduro Hobby is growing rapidly and opens about five new stores annually, raising warehouse demands to pick an increased number of order lines in a shorter time and at a lower cost. The company is now investing in “Astro Voice”, purchasing 30 voice units to help them realise their picking objectives.

“We have been thinking about using voice for a long time, and researched the possibilities and visited companies similar to us who work with voice picking in their warehouse. And after evaluation we believe that Astro Voice fits our way of working and expect improved picking quality and stock accuracy”, says Mats Lundin, Logistics Manager, Panduro Hobby.

On a normal day the warehouse is run by 40 people, reaching 65 during peak season. Up to 20,000 order lines are processed daily with support from a picking list solution.

“Workforce ergonomics has played a big role in our decision-making process. Using Astro Voice our employees have both hands free and we hope to reduce the number of sub operations connected to picking an order. We aim to increase our efficiency by at least 15-20%”, continues Mats Lundin.

During startup the warehouse will work in parallel using voice picking and standard picking lists, although Panduro Hobby hopes to stop using picking lists completely during 2016.

“We are very pleased that Panduro Hobby choose Astro Voice for their first voice project, a solution with more than seven thousand users worldwide. We look forward to support Panduro Hobby in reaching their objectives and hope for a long-term cooperation”, says Stefan Oldenburg, CMO, Consafe Logistics group

Go Live is planned for June 2015.