Voxware Debuts Augmented Reality Solution at ProMat 2017


Voxware Debuts Augmented Reality Solution at ProMat 2017
Voxware, a leading provider of cloud-based voice solutions, has introduced an Augmented Reality (AR) solution. This latest addition to the Voxware line brings voice and scanning together with vision and image capture creating the most comprehensive personnel optimization solution in the category. The first two workflows addressed by the AR solution use smartglass technology to improve ‘Packing & Shipping’ and ‘Returns & Receiving’ in the distribution center.

As a leader in innovating the supply chain, and the first provider to offer a cloud-based voice solution, Voxware remains committed to helping its customers become more productive and efficient. VoxPilot was one of the earliest innovations Voxware delivered to the distribution center. VoxPilot provides complete visibility with real-time actionable data for warehouse supervisors. Distribution operations that use VoxPilot in conjunction with voice automation are consistently achieving more than 30 percent efficiency gains. At ProMat 2015, Voxware introduced Intellestra, a first-of-its-kind predictive modeling and supply chain analytics platform to enable companies to manage the entire supply chain from picking, shipping and distribution of products in real-time.

“By continuously building upon our existing offerings, Voxware has developed a comprehensive solution to support distribution teams striving to run a more efficient operation,” said Keith Phillips, President and CEO, Voxware. “The benefits offered by Augmented Reality technology make it invaluable to a wide range of industries, but we built these first two workflows with direct input from our existing retail customers.”

In the ‘Packing & Shipping’ AR workflow, as items are selected in the warehouse and prepared for shipment, a packer will be able to capture a photo with his or her smartglasses to ensure the correct item is selected, is packed properly and is leaving the warehouse in pristine condition. This streamlined process, all available for a remote supervisor to monitor in real-time, allows personnel currently deployed as order checkers to be re-assigned to higher-value functions in the warehouse. Voxware’s technology also provides evidence for filing claims with third-party shippers and the ability to refute false claims made by consumers. The ‘Returns & Receiving’ workflow will work in a similar manner to ensure the right product is being returned or to confirm the reason for the return.

According to the 2016 MHI Annual Industry Report, “Accelerating change: How innovation is driving digital, always-on supply chains,” the major barrier to the adoption of emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, drones, robotics, sensors, smartglasses and 3-D printing, is the lack of a clear business case to justify the cost (43% of respondents). Voxware, through its unique SaaS offering, is making it much easier for companies to adopt new, innovative solutions while also keeping them on the latest hardware and software.

Voxware has partnered with smartglass hardware provider Vuzix to support the overall Augmented Reality solution.