Parade Offers Brokers Access to Driver Capacity via Partnership with AI Fleet


Parade, the leader in carrier access and the truckload capacity management platform software for freight brokers, announces an alliance offering brokers more access to additional capacity via AI Fleet’s exceptional technology for over-the-road truckload.

“AI Fleet enables our freight brokerage customers to access their digital-first over-the-road truck drivers,” according to Anthony Sutardja, CEO and Co-founder of Parade. “This AI Fleet connection enables freight brokers to build digital relationships directly with a tech-native carrier.”

Parade’s capacity management capabilities enable digital matching and automated notifications for the preferred loads of a carrier like AI Fleet. For a freight brokerage powered by Parade, the alliance with AI Fleet enables a broker to communicate, bid, and directly book full truckloads quickly.

“We are a tech-native trucking company focused on driver happiness. Joining the Parade partner ecosystem brings us a source of brokered freight that lets us maximize asset utilization and stay true to our commitment to our drivers,” says Marc El Khoury, founder, and CEO of AI Fleet. “AI Fleet’s technology maximizes the driver utilization issue and through that, we avoid driver shortages. These factors combine so our drivers drive more and are, therefore, paid more. Parade connects us with high-quality brokers. Integrating AI Fleet with Parade enables us to book freight without friction.”

The AI Fleet connection helps freight brokers by adding an untapped source of truckload freight capacity, which is in short supply. Freight brokers get an online commitment to haul their load via access to AI Fleet’s exceptional access to drivers.

The alliance is another piece of Parade’s unrivalled solution, encompassing technologies and partner ecosystems, which let Parade-powered freight brokers reach any trucking company in North America across all types and sizes of carriers.

“We pride ourselves in technology integrations that give our freight brokerage customers a more connected experience,” adds Anthony Sutardja. “This carrier partner is innovating to resolve driver shortages and speed up digitization for this industry.”

AI Fleet is transforming the trucking industry with artificial intelligence and technology for over-the-road truckload. In these times of driver shortage, AI Fleet’s focus on drivers is a refreshing take on an under-appreciated but critical supply chain job. Too many drivers are unhappy and feel underpaid. This is an issue the entire industry must solve. AI Fleet overcomes high driver turnover with driver-focused benefits and pay levels optimized by AI and technology.