Systech updates cloud traceability solution to secure barcode scanning throughout supply chain


A global technology leader in supply chain security and product authentication has significantly expanded its cloud-based traceability solutions as it firmly establishes itself as a market leader.

Systech announced in a statement this week that it had expanded its solution to feature the company’s non-additive e-Fingerprint technology. This technology transforms printed barcodes throughout the supply chain into a unique digital identify and combines it with track and trace capabilities and compliance in order to better combat global counterfeiting.

The solution also provides actionable operational intelligence for information sharing and informed business decision making, organisation-wide analytics to be able to meet the evolving technical and business objectives throughout the supply chain process. It will also provide greater ability to deliver deeper QR code support, automate data collection and consolidation for packaging and compliance and a ready-to-run cloud-based test environment designed to reduce deployment risks.

“Ongoing upgrades to our product authentication and traceability platform supports our commitment to help customers secure their supply chains against the escalating global threats of product diversion and counterfeiting,” says Ara Ohanian, CEO of Systech. “No other provider offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly closes several supply-chain gaps to provide unparalleled defense for a brand’s distribution channels.”

Systech’s e-Fingerprint solution UniSecure® along with its track-and-trace solution UniTrace®, helps fight global counterfeiting and diversion problems across the supply chain without relying on adding anything new to the packaging process. This powerful combination, ensures products are authentic, safe and connected throughout the supply chain from point of manufacturing to the customer’s hands.