Parcel sector needs Business Development Managers


The parcel and delivery sector is crying out for Business Development Managers (BDMs). According to Bis Henderson Recruitment, the talent finding company has seen a 160% increase in demand for Business Development Managers within the logistics industry over 2021 compared with 2019, leading to average salaries increasing by 38% – comparing examples of the same role in the same business but 12 months later.

“A good Business Development Manager can pretty much walk into a role and demand the salary they want,” says Laura Butler, Consultant at Bis Henderson Recruitment. “Individuals with the ‘hunter mentality’ are seeing a rise in salary, with attractive commission schemes, and they don’t necessarily need to be from the logistics and supply chain sector. There is a huge opportunity for those with the right attitude, drive and skills to cross into logistics from sales roles within any service solution environment.”

The parcel industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years, with a sharp rise coinciding with the pandemic. Figures from Statista show that annual volumes of packages shipped in the UK have grown from 1.8 billion parcels in 2013-14 to 4.2 billion packages over 2020-21.

Highlighting the shortage of candidates for Business Development Manager roles in logistics, Laura Butler, says: “Too few young people in their 20’s an early 30’s are aware of the fantastic opportunities that exist in the logistics sector, particularly for BDMs in parcel businesses. The incentives offered by these companies have become significantly stronger recently. Some businesses are offering signing on bonuses to tempt strong candidates, as well as good commissions on top of a healthy salary.”

She adds: “There are also great opportunities for career development, with plenty of potential for promotion. Those with enthusiasm and drive can go a long way.”

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