Password security is more important than ever


In the news this weekend the NCSC has shared a recommendation for stronger password security. Password security is more important than ever, given the ‘new normal’ many organisations and employees are facing. As more staff rely on cloud-based services to work productively from home and collaborate with colleagues, businesses must educate employees about basic password hygiene.

 With each new service comes a new password, or at least it should. However, the reality is that many of us are guilty of re-using the same passwords across multiple accounts. When the same log-in credentials are used for various services, data breaches elsewhere can quickly expose credentials used to access corporate services – leaving sensitive enterprise data at risk of theft. Stronger discipline when it comes to password security will help businesses protect IP and critical data, no matter where it lives across the network or in the cloud.

 Businesses should use the advice provided by the National Cyber Security Centre as standard and make sure it’s embedded into general best practices. Failing to understand the importance of password security will provide cybercriminals with unlimited opportunities, especially as we continue to shift to a hybrid working model.