Penti sets sights on international growth with Manhattan Active® Omni


Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) today announced that Turkey’s leading fashion retailer, Penti, has chosen Manhattan Active® Omni’s unified commerce solution to help deliver a customer-first, integrated omnichannel brand experience. This move is part of an ongoing strategy to drive Penti’s omnichannel transformation, as the retailer continues to expand both in-store and online retail presence globally.

Penti is Turkey’s largest and most well-known women’s fashion retailer, with over 600 stores in 40 countries: including Turkey, Romania, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Northern Cyprus, and regions such as the EU, Balkans, Commonwealth of Independent States (formally part of the USSR) and the Middle East and North America.

Mert Karaibrahimoglu, CEO at Penti commented, “Penti has a long history of delivering great value and quality products to our customers, but challenges presented by the pandemic have put great stress on our processes, systems and people over the last two years. Despite these challenges, however, business has been booming, with the growth in revenue almost entirely driven by the success of our ecommerce and online channels.”

“The incumbent systems only delivered a static customer experience and we recognized that in order to sustain this growth and continue to pursue our objectives of international expansion, we needed to be able to offer a mature and dynamic omnichannel shopping experience to our increasingly international customer base,” said Karaibrahimoglu.

To achieve the goal of establishing a truly unified commerce experience for its customers, the team at Penti chose Manhattan Active Omni to provide seamless omnichannel capabilities across order orchestration, fulfilment optimisation, inventory availability, store fulfilment and point of sale. This advanced solution enables Penti to deliver a consistent, quality experience to its customers.

“Manhattan Active Omni gives us the power and confidence to be able to adapt and respond to future external challenges quickly while continuing to meet the exact requirements of our customers; all the while maintaining a consistent, frictionless experience across whichever channels or geographies they are present in,” ended Karaibrahimoglu.

“Penti has ambitious goals in terms of geographic expansion and a cross-channel, unified commerce experience and we are looking forward to helping the team realise these growth ambitions through the power of Manhattan Active Omni. There is much more in store for this growing relationship, and we look forward to exploring the Manhattan Active suite of solutions further in the future too,” finished Martin Lockwood, senior director at Manhattan Associates.

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