Premiere: The Material Handling & Logistics Conference Comes to Europe


The Material Handling & Logistics Conference (MHLC) officially celebrates its premiere on and March 8 and 9, 2020 in Europe. After the successful kick-off event last year, Dematic opens the independent network meeting in the Goldbergwerk event location in Stuttgart-Fellbach. On the following day, the participants will arrive at the Mövenpick Hotel at Stuttgart Airport. Thus, the event, which has already been successfully carried out more than 30 times in the USA, is an optimal prelude to the LogiMAT, which also takes place directly afterwards in Stuttgart. The MHLC combines more than 20 top-class presentations with a comprehensive program for further professional and personal development. Logistics decision-makers gain exclusive insight into trends and strategies throughout supply chain management. The program is divided into four streams defined by topic in which renowned international experts deal with the challenges of intralogistics and innovative solution approaches. Among other things, the former vice president of Alibaba, Porter Erismann, will give a keynote address.

“Today companies often achieve market leadership through opinion leadership. The Material Handling & Logistics Conference will bring together all branches of this industry sector to hear first-hand about trends and innovations on the topic of the supply chain,” says Jessica Heinz, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Dematic Central Europe. The aim is to provide impulses for organizational change. That is why the MHLC has the motto “MOVE – Your Supply Chain”. “The kick-off event at the beginning of this year showed us that there is a great deal of interest in a cross-industry exchange of ideas and innovative approaches to the challenges in intralogistics,” said Heinz. For this reason, a program has been set up for logistics managers and decision-makers in Europe that examines the demands of modern supply chain management from different perspectives.

There are four streams defined by topic: The first stream is entitled “Work and Leadership” and includes, among other things, the effects of digital transformation on corporate management and marketing in the digital age. The “next supply chain generation” is the second stream where last mile logistics, innovative technologies and robotic solutions are addressed. The third stream is dedicated to the “power of data”. These include Big Data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. How companies can “optimize workflows” is the topic of the fourth stream. In particular, the topic of software and digital solutions for the improvement of intralogistics are brought into focus. Which lecture from which stream the participants want to follow depends on their individual interests.

In addition to a cross-industry exchange of expertise, the MHLC provides an opportunity to network, for example with a nearby partner and trade exhibition. Start-ups also present their innovative business ideas in a Future Lab. The first MHLC taking place in Europe will get underway on March 8 at the Goldbergwerk event location in Stuttgart-Fellbach. On the following day, the different streams of the lecture programs will take place in the Mövenpick Hotel at Stuttgart Airport. In the coming years, the event will be continued in Spain, Great Britain, Italy and France.

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