PTV Group collaborates with Tatweer to set up real time dispatch monitoring system

According to Dr. Atef M Garib, CEO, Tatweer: “Faster response times in crisis and emergency management are key as time can save lives. Most people do not know about the important role of dispatchers who direct emergency response cars to help the people who have called the dispatch centre for help. Operators play a key role in making sure cars are dispatched and reach the incident destination on time avoiding traffic congestion delays. We worked with PTV Group to implement PTV Optima and PTV Hyperpath softwares to optimise response time to emergencies by dispatch vehicles.”

Andrea Petti, Managing Director, PTV Group Middle East, India and Africa, says: “Our software helps authorities with real-time traffic situational awareness, traffic forecast and route optimization to allow emergency vehicles to reach the emergency site as soon as possible. Using the software, they can track locations, calculate distances and provide the operators with the relevant estimated time of arrival.”

PTV Optima software components provide real time traffic information with an ability to forecast the traffic flow. PTV Hyperpath routing engine, integrated with PTV Optima, is used to optimize the dispatchers’ response to any emergency situations that occurs by estimating the travel time between current location of emergency vehicles and the desired destination by displaying the drive time. The solution helps the dispatcher to select the emergency vehicle that will reach the destination in the shortest time and to guide it on the fastest route taking into consideration current and forecasted traffic congestion delays.


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