Ready for the future: BEUMER Group presents new compact cross-belt sorter


With its BG Sorter Compact CB, BEUMER Group promises more flexibility in a tight footprint. This newly developed system from the sortation and distribution technology range optimises performance and product life-cycle costs. This is ensured by the intelligent software and the possibility of data analysis. The sorter is easy to integrate and operates with low energy consumption and high precision. This enables users to save investment and operational costs. Courier, express and parcel services, for example, can use the new sorter to respond quickly to increasing shipping volumes and higher throughputs.

E-commerce is growing worldwide. In addition, more and more customers expect that the goods they ordered in the morning are delivered on the same day – and these are only two trends that drive up the volume of shipment of courier, express and parcel services (CEP). They range from small items and flats to parcels of different sizes and dimensions. With their existing sortation systems, they are often unable to react in time to these changing market conditions, and competition is already in place.

Logistics and distribution centres must also be able to deal safely with changing market conditions. The range of goods to be sorted includes clothing, accessories, food or even spare parts. Parcel sizes are tending to decrease, although large parcels are still being shipped. In addition, a new middle class is emerging in developing countries, which has a significant impact on the consumer behaviour of the population, and as a result, the volume of shipments is rising continuously. Logistics and distribution centres are more and more looking for high-performance sortation and distribution systems, as their existing facilities often no longer achieve the required throughput. Solutions with a zero error rate are needed as well. “A high degree of automation and an ergonomic operation is also becoming increasingly important for companies to relieve their employees and work more efficiently,” says Thomas Wiesmann, Director Sales Logistic Systems at BEUMER Group. It is also important to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.


High flexibility in a tight footprint

In order to respond to these trends and to provide its customers with the best possible support, BEUMER Group has developed the BG Sorter Compact CB and presented it to the public for the first time. The system is suitable for a wide range of items: small, light shipments as well as parcels weighing up to twelve kilograms. Even goods that are fragile or have packaging that is difficult for conventional equipment to handle, such as smooth plastic film, can be easily handled thanks to gentle sortation.

The new sorter requires little space and can be flexibly adapted to local conditions, even if space is restricted. For this purpose, the system combines BEUMER’s proven cross-belt technology (CB) with intelligent design. It is characterised by a tight cycle and small radii. It is also possible to integrate feeding units and destinations in a small footprint. The highlight: the operator can easily expand his existing system with the new compact BEUMER sorter as required and thus adapt to changing conditions.


Smart sortation for high throughput

“The successful sortation rate of our new compact system is almost 100 percent,” promises Wiesmann. “This is because the items are actively discharged, not by weight.” With this high precision, operators can reliably supply their customers and thus increase their competitiveness. Moreover, the automated process replaces the strenuous manual sorting process, which also increases throughput. The plant operator is prepared for future capacity forecasts.

During the induction of items, the BG Sorter Compact CB automatically positions them on the belt conveyor and aligns them precisely. The system dynamically adjusts the acceleration and speed of the induction belt conveyors, as well as the discharge times. This further increases the precision and efficiency of the sorting process, ensures optimised and gentle handling and increases the fill level of the destinations. A scanner reads the barcode of each item and sends the information to the control system, assigning each shipment to the correct destination.
Continuously controlled

The control used is integrated into the superordinate warehouse management system and other systems involved in the process. This ensures continuous control from the induction to the discharge of each item. BEUMER Group thus provides a flawless interface. “By using smart software that coordinates picking, packing and dispatch, throughput can be additionally optimised during sorting and the handling costs per item can be reduced,” describes Wiesmann. “This minimises dead times at the induction points in CEP operation.”

In addition, there is the possibility of data analysis. The findings from this can be used as a basis: “We can use the information obtained, for example, to continuously improve operations, recognise maintenance requirements at an early stage, and optimise system management,” says Wiesmann. This has a positive effect on product life-cycle costs.


Energy-efficient drive

The energy supply is contactless – and not, as usual, via contact lines. In addition, the drive system reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent compared to conventional solutions. BEUMER Group attached great value to low maintenance and repair costs when developing the BG Sorter Compact CB. As a result, the system consists of fewer individual parts than other sorters.