RealWear Upgrades Its Global Supply Chain with Implementation of Its Own Assisted Reality Wearables


RealWear, the world’s leading provider of assisted reality wearable solutions, has achieved remarkable success by implementing its own flagship product, RealWear Navigator® 520, across its global manufacturing supply chain. This strategic move has resulted in significant benefits including enhanced operational efficiencies, cost savings, and a measurable reduction in CO2 emissions.

The company’s adoption of its own headsets serves as a testament to the headset’s unrivalled performance and tangible impact on supply chain optimisation. By integrating the headset into its manufacturing processes, RealWear has empowered its supply chain partners to perform tasks with increased safety, efficiency, and precision. The hands-free wearable provides real-time access to information and expertise while allowing workers to maintain use of their hands while keeping their field of view unobstructed. The high-definition micro-display, positioned just below the line of sight, offers a non-immersive, enhanced-safety experience that views like a 10-inch display at arm’s length.

“Implementing our own assisted reality wearables within our manufacturing supply chain has been a game-changer for RealWear,” said Craig J Wilson, Vice President of Operations at RealWear. “RealWear Navigator 520 has enabled our extended supply chain family to perform remote manufacturing audits, conduct virtual factory tours, and provide real-time training without the need for international travel. The results have been in line with what our own customers are seeing with our technology, with cost savings, increased productivity, enhanced safety and reduced carbon emissions.”

RealWear’s decision to implement its own headsets within its manufacturing supply chain has yielded remarkable results.

By curtailing unnecessary international travel, the company has directly improved its business bottom line. Budgeted travel costs, including plane tickets, hotel stays, rental cars, and meals, have been significantly reduced, resulting in savings of $67,500 annually. Moreover, the elimination of productivity inefficiencies caused by travel delays and time zone adjustments has led to a total of 63 days saved in terms of productivity. As a direct consequence of reduced air travel, RealWear has measurably avoided 41,143 kg of CO2 emissions, advancing the company’s sustainability goals.

RealWear’s successful implementation of RealWear Navigator 520 within its own supply chain is a testament to the transformative power of assisted reality wearables. By leveraging its own cutting-edge technology, RealWear has achieved unparalleled operational efficiencies and maintained key supply chain metrics such as product quality, delivery, and service levels.

RealWear’s commitment to integrating its own technology throughout its supply chain demonstrates its dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and achieving exceptional results.