Remote implementation shaking up WMS status quo


Warehouse management technology innovator, SnapFulfil, is breaking new ground with the introduction of a revolutionary software delivery method. Following years of development, SnapFulfil has launched a new Remote Implementation (RI) programme that allows its award-winning warehouse management system (WMS) to be onboarded from anywhere in the world, supporting social distancing and global travel restrictions, within a matter of weeks.

This ability to implement its cloud-based WMS solution without any physical interaction or movement of people has seen SnapFulfil win a raft of new clients since the outbreak of COVID-19, enabling businesses of all sizes to flourish during the pandemic. SnapFulfil’s RI programme can offer tailored virtual support, including regular online training and status meetings, to ensure new teams are able to access and test the system, meeting go-live deadlines.

Smitha Raphael, Head of Implementation Services, explained: “This is a real game changer – the most significant step forward in software delivery for our industry since the development of cloud-based technology. Regardless of where the warehouse is, or whatever physical access barriers may exist, as long as there is an internet connection we can swiftly and cost effectively implement SnapFulfil.

“Our first remote projects were successfully completed in early 2020, but the pandemic has really accelerated its acceptance and demand. It works so well because SnapFulfil’s sophisticated rules-based engine is extremely configurable and with the expertise of our project managers, who have really mastered remote augmentation, it has proved to be a winning, cost effective solution for our clients.

“On site implementation like this not only overcomes movement restrictions but labour shortages. We can handle multiple implementations at any given time, which means a much lower cost to the client. It’s the way to go and once again we are leading the way in highly customisable user experience and convenience.”

SnapFulfil’s RI programme is a formal, approved document that guides both project execution and control and from the outset makes all stakeholders and personnel aware of the key milestones to be achieved and signed off along the way. This includes a virtual warehouse tour video, completed by the client, covering off warehouse layout and activity, product type, storage and picking, plus operational focus and scope.

Internal configuration and testing of the SnapFulfil solution follows, which includes the early validation testing of any interfaces, in line with the detailed technical infrastructure requirements of the warehouse and its RF scanning equipment. Staff training includes a series of remote video sessions, plus detailed training documentation, modules and configuration practice homework.

Subsequently, the client can have access to the fully configured SnapFulfil solution from within the warehouse, both office-based and RF functionality, and typically spends a minimum of five days, where the key users run through and final test the entire solution in readiness for live operation.

SnapFulfil CEO, Tony Dobson, added: “The beauty of this Remote Implementation programme is that it’s constantly evolving and improving. With each new client we prioritise a ‘lessons learnt’ review on completion and this open, honest, and collaborative approach further facilitates mutual trust and respect.

“It’s flexible and scalable too, so we can adapt the plan to suit different levels of specification and launch timescales, plus we provide enhanced remote support before and after go live and depending on operational wants and needs.”

SnapFulfil’s RI programme also includes additional change, communications and risk management plans and stages, as required, for its larger clients.