Renovotec Launches Warehouse Robotics Division


Renovotec is launching a robotics division specialising in warehouse solutions Renovotec Group announced today. ‘Renovotec Robotics’ solutions will integrate Renovotec’s warehouse process middleware with selected, best-in-class robotics hardware. Robotics solutions for warehousing and logistics will be available to buy, or rent using RaaS (robot as a service) with nationwide 24/7 support provided by Renovotec’s field service team. Renovotec will draw on its proven track record in WMS including its knowledge of warehouse workflows when deploying its warehouse robotics systems.

“Our robotics solutions will use a mix of best-in-class technology and aim to increase warehouse picking productivity by up to 50%” says Renovotec Robotics CEO Lance Bennett. “Warehouse robotics has the power to transform warehouse operations by eliminating unnecessary travel time for pickers and pallet movers – optimising their utilisation at a time when staff costs are rising and resources are becoming more limited.”

Warehouse robotics is a game changer that we are now recommending to existing customers and other users, across the industry.”