Renovotec to lease new high-speed warehouse staff temperature screening system


Ill health in the workplace costs Britain more than £10 billion a year in lost production or £19,000 per case according to government figures*. Renovotec is introducing a competitive £1,419 per month** leasing scheme for its Honeywell ThermoRebellion™ rapid-alert warehouse staff temperature screening system, which delivers a fast return on investment as it increases warehouse productivity by up to 40%, detecting potential diseases amongst large numbers of warehouse workers early and reducing rates of transmission say Renovotec.

When positioned at the entrance to a larger warehouse or distribution centre the non-contact, AI-driven thermal imaging system detects above-normal temperatures within two seconds, providing a quick, early and accurate health alert for all potential temperature-related illnesses among incoming shift workers, including Coronavirus, colds and flu. The system uses a thermal image of the individual to determine skin temperature as they pass in front of its high-resolution camera by focusing on facial features such as the inner canthi of the eye. It is highly accurate and also data secure according to the manufacturer, which has successfully piloted it in two of its own production facilities.

In addition to warehouses and distribution centres the system is also suitable for factories, stadia, airports and larger offices.

* £10.6 billion including related healthcare and human costs. Source: Health & Safety Executive
** Including maintenance and support, based on a three-year lease. Price quoted excludes VAT.