Retailers have a huge task on their hands to get the ball rolling


Retailers are struggling to escape the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, with sales falling for the fifth month in a row – by 0.2% according to the latest ONS retail figures. Disruptions to the supply chain have meant that many have faced delays in product deliveries and haven’t been able to provide customers with what they need, when they need it. However, sales are still 4.2% higher than pre-pandemic levels and online sales actually increased to 28.1% in September, from 27.9% the month before.

Retailers now have the chance to fight back by offering seamless experiences across all channels. Consumers will forget product shortages, but what they will not forget is the experience they had with a brand and how they made them feel. Our new research found that nearly half of the UK (44%) are very unlikely to do business after a poor customer experience.

Most businesses have faced unprecedented uncertainty over the last 18 months and simply cannot afford to lose customers, especially as the holiday shopping season creeps up on us. As consumer confidence slumps to its lowest level since last year, retailers have a huge task on their hands to get the ball rolling. It’s crucial brands continue to build on the customer experience and pull out all the stops – creating memorable moments for consumers both in-store and online. By providing experiences with a more human connection, anchored in empathy, retailers can inspire brand loyalty.