Reveel Offers Free Impact Analysis to Help Shippers Manage FedEx &d UPS 2022 Rate Increases


Reveel, whose Shipping Intelligence™ Platform enables companies to level the playing field with carriers, today announced that it will offer companies a free Impact Analysis of how the recently announced 2022 FedEx and UPS rate increases will affect their business.

Both FedEx and UPS have announced a base 5.9% General Rate Increase (the largest increase since 2013), but this is only the starting point when it comes to calculating the actual cost increase for shippers. The 5.9% increase is only an average and does not include surcharges. With new rate increases, increased surcharges, new holiday shipping rates and even newly imposed ways of calculating specific fees, the cost landscape for businesses who rely on high-volume parcel shipping is far less clear than it was even earlier this year.

These new charges and increases are in many cases being added on top of last year’s increases by FedEx and UPS, making it increasingly difficult for companies to know what to expect for shipping costs. Without that knowledge, it becomes harder to understand whether the increases can be managed, or if the costs need to be passed through to customers.

“The fact that FedEx and UPS are servicing unprecedented levels of business means that they do not need to go out of their way to fight or retain customers. This enables them to raise rates and add fees at will,” said Josh Dunham, co-founder and managing partner of Reveel. “That’s where Reveel can help – by giving shippers the information they need to negotiate or renegotiate contracts from a position of strength.”

Shippers can use the Reveel Shipping Intelligence Platform to simply and easily perform a detailed impact analysis using Reveel’s modeling and simulation technology, giving them the ability to model the impact new charges and fees may have on their specific business, so they have a better understanding of what they’re dealing with. The Reveel Impact Analysis will also help companies learn if they are receiving the most beneficial parcel shipping rates, or if they should think about renegotiating contracts in light of the new cost structure.

Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence Platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based analytics, agreement management, and benchmarking solution that eliminates the complexity and confusion around complex carrier agreements to deliver the data and information shippers need to attain the best rates and terms. It monitors contracts and alerts users to agreement expirations, utilizes advanced data science and analytics to identify and recommend cost reduction opportunities, enables a continuous improvement process to optimize parcel shipping spend and benchmarks shippers relative to their peers.

To sign up for a free Reveel Impact Analysis and learn how this year’s FedEx and UPS rate increases will affect your business, please visit: