RFID Technology in Health Care Areas: Identification of Medical Personnel


 Safety regulations in hospitals have the highest priority for medical staff and patients. The confidential use of important patient or hospital data must be ensured. Only authorised personnel should have access to and manage sensitive data. Through the use of future-oriented RFID technology, only authorized personnel have access to important patient data. The aim is to ensure patient safety and traceability of the use of medical devices. We offer a wide range of RFID readers for the medical sector.

In the following we give you an overview of the use of RFID readers for valid identification of medical personnel.



Medical Devices in Examination Rooms or Laboratories

Medical personnel have different authorities and responsibilities. In order to ensure an effective procedure for routine examinations or laboratory diagnostics, it is recommended that the responsible personnel be clearly identified. Our RFID Stick Reader EVO is immediately ready for use thanks to Plug-and-Play function. The small USB stick format makes it easy to transport. The integrated PC/SC Interface enables Single Sign On. The medical staff logs on to the respective device with an RFID tag or RFID transponder. The device automatically gives access to all data and examination results after successful authorization.

More Information: https://en.idtronic-rfid.com/rfid-readers/hf/stick-reader-evo




Reception of Hospital Departments or Medical Centres

Computers at the reception desk or reception should be optimally protected against misuse. Since the reception is usually open and not permanently guarded, medical staff should always authorize themselves on PCs. Locked PCs are well protected against unauthorized access by using our RFID Desktop Reader EVO DESFire. The universally applicable USB interface can be connected to many end devices with USB connection. Special RFID transponders with a unique UID can be assigned to the respective employee.

More Information: https://en.idtronic-rfid.com/rfid-readers/hf/desktop-reader-evo-desfire



Medical Control Devices    

Medical control devices in operating rooms, examination rooms or patient rooms should only be operated by authorized personnel. Important patient data and histories require a certain know-how for evaluation. The DESFire Panel Reader is a wireless communication technology. DESFire Panel Reader is suitable for integration into standard 22.3 cm holes. It is equipped with a special holder for RFID keyfobs for unique identification of persons. The medical staff identifies itself with an RFID tag and can be clearly assigned. The corresponding access authorizations are released after successful authentication.

More Information: https://en.idtronic-rfid.com/industrial-readers/hf/desfire-panel-reader/  



Wide Range of RFID Keyfobs and RFID Smart Cards        

A wide range of RFID smart cards and RFID keyfobs for identification at RFID readers is offered by our iDTRONIC Smart TAG section. The RFID cards and RFID keyfobs are compatible with all common RFID chips: MIFARE Classic Series, MIFARE Mini Series, MIFARE Ultralight Series, MIFARE DESFire Series, LEGIC Prime + Advant, NTAG, ISO 15693, NXP Hitag 1/2/S, EM4200, I-Code SLI, Temic 5567. On request, the RFID cards can be individually personalized with logo, name personalization, writing field, barcode or UID. Our RFID keyfobs can be customized with offset printing (with customer specific design / logo on both sides) and laser engraved number.



RFID Smart Cards: https://idtronic-smarttag.de/product-category/smartcards/



RFID Keyfobs: https://idtronic-smarttag.de/product-category/keyfobs/