RKVST launches new public attestation service for supply chain operations


RKVST, the evidence management platform for trustworthy supply chain operations, announces its public attestation feature, adding a new level of trust for digital supply chains that can be used to prove the provenance of any digital or physical asset. Together with new multi-tenancy, verified domain name and batch transaction features RKVST has dramatically reduced the barriers to adopting supply chain transparency, providing an easy-to-deploy, low-cost way to deliver provenance, governance and immutability of data that is available to anyone, on any system, at any time.

Jon Geater, co-founder and chief technology and product officer at RKVST, says:

“Public attestation enables the next big step in supply chain integrity, transparency and trust by turning raw data into evidence and making that evidence more widely available to more people. The challenge is implementing this without the frustration, time wasting and uncertainty of manual data verification. Existing blockchain attestation services can be expensive, difficult to integrate and unwieldy to process and validate transactions. The RKVST public attestation solution is available as-a-service and is low-cost and easy-to-deploy, allowing you to choose which assets are attested and automatically verified in public.”

The latest RKVST platform update includes:

  • Public attestation: Digitally verifiable attestations, representing proof of an event, provide chain of custody data to automate compliance and audit tasks, reducing the error-prone and costly manual handling of these artifacts. Publicly shared attestations are accessible anonymously and can be verified by anyone.
  • Multi-tenancy: Users of RKVST can now be members of multiple tenants. This enables users to own multiple tenancies, while also being able to participate in other tenants by invitation.
  • Verified domain name: Tenant owners are now able to verify their domain name, to be used as an identifier within RKVST. This means a public asset is now shown with a verified name against it, rather than a tenant ID.
  • Batch transactions: RKVST creates an anchor point on a blockchain. The new Simple Hash proof mechanism can be used to roll up a number of assets and events and enter them on the blockchain, enabling a batch of transactions to be verified using the transaction hash. Simple Hash is one of two proof mechanisms offered by RKVST, the other being “kiphu”, where all assets and events are entered individually on the blockchain.
  • Interactive API visualization: The RKVST UI allows developers to visualize and interact with the RKVST API without having any of the implementation logic in place. This simplifies the usage of the platform and enables users to see quickly how to interact with RKVST APIs.

All critical decisions are based on the evaluation of evidence, and the more critical the decision, the more and better quality of evidence you need. Supply chain decisions are a particularly good example of this as stakeholders pass around compliance forms, shipping information, quality certificates and more, all the time. Digitally verifiable attestations provide the chain of custody data to automate compliance and audit tasks, reducing the error-prone and costly manual handling of these artifacts.

Applications for the new public attestations range from providing trust and accountability for ad-hoc and dynamic supply chains and software bills of materials (SBOMs), to claiming ownership and proving provenance of digital documents, images and music or physical assets such as works of art. RKVST provides an evidence registry, where the integrity, origin and timestamp of a digital or physical asset or event can be verified forever, attesting to its provenance and that it has not been tampered with.

RKVST Free tier offers a limited number of attestations with its free-forever service for small businesses. The RKVST Team tier employs a pay-as-you-grow model for increased capacity, more features and more users per account tenancy. Discover RKVST for yourself at RKVST.com